Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Four Reasons To Visit Goa On Your Next Vacation

Akansha Narang

Goa coastline at Dona Paula
Feel elated as tiny grains of sand sift your feet while the soothing sounds of waves whisper sweet nothings to you. Party on heart-thumping music, with overflowing drunkenness or rejuvenate your senses over a dose of sunsets and Ayurveda. That’s the beauty of Goa—it nourishes every soul, every desire. With so many things to do, places to visit in Goa, how do you choose?

Into the Deep Blue Seas with Breitling

There’s something about being underwater that seems to make time slow down to a strangely surreal pace.How then, can you keep track of time, submerged? Thankfully, dive watches emerged as an awesome check on the theory of relativity, meticulously keeping time even when it seems to spin (or swim) out of control.