Tuesday, August 11, 2015

By The Way (OOTD + Ramblings)

4 Types of Gorgeous Rings from Candere

The premium online jewelry store Candere offers a plethora of bespoke international designs. With insured free shipping, Jewellery Certifications,  Lifetime exchange and EMI’s, Candere.com is the perfect destination to buy jewelry online. Here I am sharing with you some splendid ring designs from Candere that are fit to bedazzle every occasion.

Cocktail Casatta

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission Beautiful Hair

Do you find yourself wishing for lustrous and healthy hair? What is your reason to cut your hair short? Is it fashion, whim, damage or hair loss? Well if it’s the latter two, we can find a solution my friend. The condition your hair can’t only be blamed on your genetics; your lifestyle choices play a huge part in how your hair is. The following are a few habits that you should incorporate in your lifestyle to achieve hair that is healthy and beautiful: