Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tip Tip Barsa Fashion - Inorbit Mall

Psst.. I have a confession to make. No this is not a part of the forgotten ‘Saturday Confessions’ series that I used to post here, and this may be something that might seem bizarre, but the truth is, I am terrible at shopping. All the myriad of choices which are supposed to make shopping pleasurable for us, drive me crazy! I can spend hours contemplating whether I want a dress in red or blue (FYI, both is never a good idea.) You can only imagine what my stress levels were when I was given a challenge at Inorbit Mall to create a monsoon look while being timed!

Left - Vero Moda, Right Top and Bottom Pic - Only

Take a look at how Bhawna, Megha, Zubi and I try to make the most of the one and a half hour allotted to us, in this video


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

American Swan Beauty and the Blogger - The Last Phase



                              (You can watch the whole playlist of my team #GingerSnaps here.)

It's the last lap of Beauty and the Blogger and the winners are going to be chosen soon! Have you watched my team #GingerSnaps' videos yet? If not then go ahead, and click on the videos above and watch me parading around in heels and talking about blogging like a boss #SWAG (#LolJK.)

Oh and yes, you can also catch Beauty and Blogger on ZoomTV on Sunday at 10:30 PM.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monday Quote

Joseph Chilton Pearce Quote Creativity Fear Wrong Life

Enough with hating on Mondays guys. Adding a little sunshine to dreaded Mondays with this weekly post now.
A little inspiration never killed nobody..


Friday, June 27, 2014

The Twisted Twenties by Deepali Junjappa

Here are some crucial points from Mimi Hittalmani's manual for the 'Twenty Somethings':
Stop thinking you are special.
Don’t tell your parents “Every Damn Thing!”
It's okay to be NON-listed.
Make your first solo trip.
Date as many people as possible.
The twenties are a rehearsal for the Thirties.
Get over yourself!....
And as much as I would like to deny, there are, ahem, a lot of things in the Manual that I would agree to.