Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Confessions: 5 Completely Pointless Things About Me

Five Pointless Things about me.So.. I.. have not been regular with my “Saturday Confessions” posts. Hey, don’t look at me like that, it’s not like you have been dying to read these features okay! Anyway, I wanted to get back on track, and as usual, I don’t have any deep dark confessions to share with you. But then there are always silly things that can be talked about. Today I am going to tell you five completely random, pointless things about me.

1) At random times during the day, an old advertisement jingle, some music track of a Disney cartoon or an old Govinda hip-shaking number from the 90’s, may just pop into my head and then play as the back ground music for all my daily activities, all- frigging- day- long.

2) The most amount of time that I spend on any activity during a normal day is internet surfing. More specifically YouTube. I am a big YouTube geek, and Internet is my best friend. *sniff sniff*

3) I don’t really like shopping. I know it must sound weird with what all you see in my blog usually, but it is the truth damn it! I am absolutely useless at making choices. I can ponder over a pink or a peach lip gloss for a whole day and then finally after making the purchase I will immediately start thinking that the other one would have been a better choice. *sigh*

4) At some point in my life, I want to cuddle a panda bear (are they friendly creatures?)  I mean they are living, breathing, cuteness factories for god’s sake!

5) I am the absolutely worst at taking directions and remembering ways. Hey don’t judge me, I am a women and it’s me birth right to be bad at reading maps and remembering directions, okay! When it was my first day at school, I went to the loo and then lost the way back to my class. I was wandering in school corridors looking for my class till someone found me. True Story.

There you have it, five completely pointless facts about me. Now don’t say I didn’t warn you! 



  1. Haa haa ! Well im no panda but you can surely hug the crap outta me :D
    Love the post k <3

  2. Loved knowing five random stuff abt you, i love knowing the quirks of people :P
    1) Ditto on that...the song or jingle just keeps playing on a loop non-stop.
    2) Double ditto
    3) Triple ditto. Sigh
    4) I have always wanted to jump off a plane and free fall :P
    5) Surprisingly, i am really good with maps and directions and I usually never forget a place if I have ever been there. :P

  3. I cannot remember directions for the life of me, even after crossing that path a trillion times I'll need someone to tell me where to go!

  4. Kinda off the topic , yet I am curious to know your internet plan that lets you spending hours on Youtube :-O . Mine Sucks !! I may watch at the most 4,5 videos on youtube a month !

    1. Actually, I am glad you asked, hehe..
      It started when I chanced upon some comedy videos. I started to discover that YT is for more than just watching the latest trailers and item numbers. One by one, I started to discover all these comedy channels on YouTube which are loved by people from all over the world!
      Some of my favorites are Natalie Tran, Nigahiga, Jus Reign, and believe me the list of YouTube channels I follow goes on forever :P
      Though I should forewarn you, most of the YT channels have that dry, quirky, internet humor that does not amuse everyone.

    2. Well, I knew nothing abt comedy channels yet, gonna give it a try :)
      Got no time , thats the truth :)unless I cut hours from my 9 hrs beauty sleep :D

    3. Yet, u didnt mention your internet plan :O

    4. I just realised that i had misunderstood your question!! Hahaha.. I have BSNL broadband, and it's pretty economic.

  5. Oh! But cute people/creatures can get away with anything.. hehe..

  6. Ha ha, even i have such times, when a particular track or jingle keeps playing in my head all day long, and the worst part is after a certain time, i start humming freaks everyone

  7. point two Ditto!!
    Pandas may scratch you but they are cute :)
    Happy Weekend

  8. Hey Karishma.... It was interesting reading your confessions & I'm surely going to be the fan of your this page, infact I will wait for this edition every week: )


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