Friday, April 22, 2011

The Body Shop Brazilian Nut Moisture Mask (review)

To restore and strengthen. Dry/Damaged/Chemically treated hair.
The price in INR 745 for 200ml
What it claims: Community Trade Brazil nut, olive and sesame oils add gloss, wheat and Brazil nut amino acids penetrate hair shaft to add moisture and improve manageability. Helps reduce breakage, prevent damage from heat styling and aid combing. The result? Healthy-looking, beautifully soft, shiny hair. Apply to damp hair, wrap in a towel or cap, leave for 15 minutes or overnight, depending on your hair’s condition. Rinse then shampoo and condition as normal.
How could I not want to buy it after reading what it claims to do? This is actually the first product I bought from TBS. I checked it out at a body shop store, but couldn’t get myself to spend 745 bucks (at that time I had just started my ventures into the world of products and beauty..)I went home but couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Did I want healthy looking hair and prevent damage from from heat styling. Hell yeah.. I went back after some days and bought it. (sigh… and that was one of my first steps towards my journey of becoming a product junkie… J )
The Body Shop Brazilian nut moisture mask comes in a jar form, its consistency in quite thick. It is more like a healthy oil treatment for hair, as it is to be used pre shampooing.
I believe it does make hair healthier and shinier. It contains the goodness of olive and sesame oils, wheat and Brazil nut amino acids. The fragrance of brazil nut is awesome and it lingers a bit throughout the day. If you go by the claims it even gives protection to the hair from heat, and reduces breakage. What is there not to like.
No cons as such. Just that it does not do anything extraordinary.
My rating: 3.5/5
Paisa Vasool: Yes
Would I buy again: No… sigh… there are so many more hair masks to try :)


  1. i love using hair it any thing in hair mask if it is in front of me i want to try it .i need to try it..

    thanks for the review :)

  2. my god! i wud never buy a hair mask so expensive! :P

  3. @anamika- my pleasure.. :)
    @bulbul- it is expensive indeed. it is gud though

  4. oh...I wanted to buy this but if you are saying its nothing great than doesn't mean spending money on it...btw you can biotique musk root if you are really looking for a great hair mask...its just amazing!!!!!

  5. I tried this. It's good. But not great. :)

  6. @swati i will surely try. and biotique prices are reasonable too.
    @scrambled7 exactly as i feel. :p

  7. Well if it doesn't do anything's no point spending money on it. Nice review!

  8. Lovs love this product on of my favorite body shop lotions . Just review . Please I hope u cAn follow back


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