Friday, April 15, 2011

L’Oreal Resist and Shine Titanium Nail Polish - Review

Claims: to last up to 7 days.
From the site: The strength and shine of Titanium at your fingertips!
L’Oréal Paris Resist and Shine Titanium is a range of beautiful nail enamels combining intense colour and shine with an incredible long hold formula…. including Titanium for the extra resistance! Colour looks vibrant and the result is chip free.
The formula of Resist & Shine Titanium contains innovative scientific technologies to ensure the best of science and beauty.
For very high resistence: added Titanium gives nail colour unbeatable strength (and resistance).
For long-wear hold: a unique plastifying system allows seven days of shock resistance plus ingredient ‘siliprotecte’ offers seven days of shine protection.
For rich and true colours: a red pigmentary paste provides for deep and bright colours.
For perfect innocuity: the formula is formaldehyde-free and toluene-free.
Price: INR 400 (OMG!)
The shades they have shown on the site are delicious. But of course, in India they decided to launch only a limited range of shades. The colour range they have in India is pretty much crappy. I bought this classic deep red kind of shade. Okay so here’s the thing, if I found a nail polish that would stay for up to seven days I would be ready to pay more than 400 bucks. But this did not live up to its claim.  I wanted this nail paint to work so bad!!
They have mentioned that the formula is formaldehyde-free and toluene-free. That seems good.
This shade I bought was nice.
Chipped around the edges by the end of the day. I did normal house work while wearing the nail paint, but come on, I expected it to stay at least till the next day.
Well for a nail paint that chipped like any other nail paint, it is very pricey.
My Rating: 2/5
Paisa Vasool: No
Would I Buy Again: Next Please.



  1. I would stay away. Thank you for the review. I was looking for a long stay one. Whats the point of spending 400 bucks on this! :(

  2. Last's for a week eh? And is it available in Chennai? And is it really worth the bucks?
    Cause I loveeeeeeeeeee this shade.

  3. aaaahhhh 400 bucks... for a nail paint that does'nt work hmm.. thanx for the warning dear... Im gonna stay away..

  4. lool... i think the seven days is for people who don't do any house work

  5. i have always been tempted to buy this..thanks ..i wil avoid it now:)

  6. OMG 400 for this?! :| Maybelline is far better.

  7. @ik i like maybelline too. they stay on longer and are so cheap!


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