Sunday, May 1, 2011

(RIP) Revlon Colour Stay Mineral Foundation- Discontinued

The Revlon colourstay mineral foundation is no more. It had been my friend since December 2009. This was the first mineral foundation I had purchased. Its price was INR 1050. Guess there is no use of telling you how awesome it was. That it had SPF 10, it was great for oily skin, and gave medium –natural kinda coverage. Alas… no use of telling you all this, cuz it has been discontinued!! This is a tribute to you my friend. You are going to be remembered by women with oily skin all over the world.


Have you ever used this foundation. Whats your take on mineral foundations?


  1. Too bad I never had the chance to use this. Now I regret since I have oily skin too

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