Friday, June 3, 2011

In pursuit of the perfect sunscreen + Product Information

Exposure to sun is one of the major factors of skin ageing. Some researchers claim that up to 80 % skin aging is caused by harmful UV rays, and that is mind boggling. The dangers of harmful UV rays range from dark spots, freckles & wrinkles to even skin cancer. It is very important to protect our skin from the sun on day to day basis. Today I am going to tell you guys about some of the sunscreens available in the market, hoping to help you pick the right one for you.
Why do I have so many sunscreens you ask, well I am allergic to most of them. Two of them are almost finished and I had kept the bottles foe this post. :) . If you have often graced my blog with your presence, you must be knowing that I am allergic to SPF more than 15, still sometimes I become adventurous ad end up buying higher SPF sunscreens. I am going to give the sunscreens that do not suit me to my niece tomorrow. I wish I had a relative like me. J
1.     Revlon touch & glow
UVA UVB Protection  SPF15
INR 160
Visible results in less than four weeks
Skin looks visibly fairer
Reduces Dark spots and blemishes
Glowing Complexion

2. Vaseline Healthy White 2 week body fairness cream

3. Lotus Safe Sun- Sun Block Cream SPF-20

INR 185 (120g)
PA+ UVA UVB Protection  SPF 20 Waterproof, Sweatproof


4.Himalaya Protective Sunscreen Lotion
INR175 (100ml)
UVA UVB Protection SPF15

5.Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock
UVA UVB Protection SPF 50+ Waterproof,Sweatproof
INR 150(30ml)
6. Vaseline healthy white
 SPF24 triple lightening
This is an imported version of this lotion, has got stuff written on it in some other language.

7.Biotique- Face and body sun lotion
UVA UVB Protection SPF 30
INR199 (120ml)

8.Neutrogena Oil Free Facial Moistuiser
UVA UVB Protection  SPF 15
INR 250 (115ml)

So have you used any of these sunscreens?
What sunscreen are you using right now.Will you plan to buy any of these?



  1. JGD. I have not used any of these. I use something else.
    Which is your recommendation?

  2. what's your favorite one among these? :)

  3. my favt is neutrogena dry touch does not makes my skin greasy or oily .

  4. Wow.. you sure have tried a lot of sunscreens :-D

    My fav has been VLCC Sandal sunblock and worst is Lakme :-)

    Which one among this is ur fav?

  5. Nice collection :) I like Neutrogena ones but they break me out sometime :(

  6. I liked the Biotique one, as it was SPF30 still it suited me. Nowadays Himalaya Sun Protection Lotion Works for me. For the face the neutrogena oil free facial moisturiser is also a nice pick for people with combination or oily skin.

  7. Im using neutrogena ultra sheer currently And i really like it. spf50 makes me super happy!

  8. My sister uses Revlon one only and finds it pretty effective

  9. I have neutrogena ultra sheer and i love it! My sis also has vaseline healthy white and she likes it too!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :D

  10. sorry gurls i couldnt reply before this, blogger was giving me problems :/

  11. i just heard that using sunscreen which is more than 20-30 SPF is not good for the skin..and one should go for such high level if one is into sports etc..this was by a now i am going glow with my neutrogena one.

  12. @anamika
    yes even i have heard something like this. will look more into this topic

  13. Great reviews!! :) It's good to see lots of different sunscreens in the market!

  14. I have used Neutrogena ultrasheer and biotique carrot spf 40 and sandalwood spf 50...loved the Neutrogena but biotique sunscreens are sticky :( but they do protect well even though they are herbal and their ingredients largely a mystery!!! didn't like lotus sunscreens at all...found them too oily!!!heard that loreal is also good in case you wanna give a try!!!

  15. @swati- thanks for all the info sweetie!

  16. I have used the Neutrogena Oil Free one! :)

    ♥ from ©

  17. i have used the lotus blueberry 1...n i luv has pretty pink colour+ nice fragrance...n gr8 texture

  18. I use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer one, and it doesn't make my oily skin any bit oil-ier. In fact, I believe it keeps it matte (or maybe that's in my head?)... but it's really good, and SPF 50 is very reassuring for someone with skin that easily burns. I haven't used most of these, but I will look into it :)

  19. never heard about these brands
    nice post


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