Thursday, September 8, 2011

And this is why I give up on Wuthering Heights

(I guess it’s pretty obvious from the title but just for precaution’s sake, this is a non-beauty related post. Kill me….)

On recommendation of a very good friend of mine, I picked up Wuthering Heights. So many people especially ladies are going to hate me for saying this. But I didn’t like Wuthering Heights. And I am giving up on it now.
Yeah yeah I know it’s a classic, a tale of passionate love, which knows no boundaries, blah blah blah.
But mind you, I am not one of those people who give up on books because they are hard reads( I have read and liked “The Fountainhead” for god’s sake!), neither do I give up after two or three chapters. I read more than half of this book before deciding to not read it any further. I felt like whatever may happen in the end now; it just can’t justify what all crap just happened. I didn’t find a single character that I could feel empathy for. The leading lady, Catherine seemed too intolerable, spoilt. I still want to smack her. And Heathcliff, gawd you think you are going to do such heartless, vicious, shameful things and get my sympathy on account of what a terrible childhood you had. No dude. That aint happening.
I am keeping this post pretty much spoiler free. Please don’t let me stop you if you have any intentions of reading WH, the whole world is all praise for it, it just isn’t my cup of tea. The storyline was uselessly morbid for me.
If you do read it or have already read it, do share your thoughts about the book.
So…. What book are you reading currently?


  1. Hhahaha!! Actually Catherine and Heathcliff are very difficult characters to analyze at first. I agree with you. At first my reaction was the same.
    but as I started digging in, some different psychological aspects started surfacing up. :P

    Hey, I'm reading the Tin Drum by Gunter Grass.Which one are you reading?

  2. So in the end you liked it? :)

    Tell me how Tin Drum is after finishing it. I have just started with The Great Gatsby, it had been on my reading list for a long time.

  3. I tried reading it, but I didn't like it, so left it. You're right, just like you, I also feel the need to follow through books, even if they are difficult to finish. Not reading anything at the moment. Good books are hard to come by :/

    If you haven't read the Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns already, you must check it out!

  4. I read RUSKIN BOND usually again and again :P

    And I totally agree wit u :) I didn't feel inclined to d book ..gave up half way :P

    Now am readin Database syatem concepts by silbersatz :P:P

  5. @Segments of Life - They are on my reading list, my reading list just keeps on getting longer *sigh* :). I had once started with The Kite Runner, but had to return it before i could finish it.

  6. @Shweta -
    You know what Shweta, i can relate to Ruskin Bond and his work a lot because I am also from Dehradun and Mussoorie. Have you read "The room on the Roof" by him. Its one of my favourite books.

  7. Well it is a deep story. But yes both characters are not characters you can love.

  8. I am one of those people who give up on a book if it cannot grab all my attention in 2-3 chapters. Impressive that you read The Fountainhead :)
    I gave up after 1/4th of it. Havent been reading these days but now that i'm following you i'm sure one of your posts will make me pick up a book or two :D

    Reply to your query:
    Yes super thin people can totally try this style,i am infact superthin/skinny, trust me! and you have seen those on me so there you go :)
    Try and bring attention to your best attributes/features and that'll be enough!

    damn, this is a long post :P

  9. You know everyone doesnt have a happy ending in their love story.....I totally love the book!
    I cried too much on several parts.
    The best thing about it was the fact that even death couldnt part them.....if they were not united in their life,they were together after it.
    Maybe you didnt get to the part where cathy dies,oh it was so beautiful and full of pain! Heathcliff calls her,begs her not to leave him,to haunt him forever.
    But as you said....we all have different opinions...still i will prefer that you read it:)
    currently i am reading remnant....suggested by you. Its coming out to be good.....:)

  10. Books are written at a certain point in time and they reflect the thinking of society at that time. Therefore one needs to look at it from that angle. I have read the Bronte sisters but more than the stories I like the settings that they are written in.. ! All of us are entitled to our likes and dislikes. I disliked Arundhati Roy's " God of Small things" - people are very surprised when I say so. But I like your honesty. Few people write honestly these days . We are so careful about being " politically correct". BTW I would like you to visit my fiction blog. Take a look at some of the stories there and let me know what you think.

  11. Oh dear!! But to true it is not for everyone...I have read it a few times I do enjoy it ...I say get the movie!! and I hear ya about giving up on a book but I have had a few where I had to say Enough Is Enough I even had one I threw in the trash lol!! Well I hope your next read is much more enjoyable ~Love Heather

  12. i knw wat u mean.. this is the book i read when i was in a morbid phase of life.. its too dark .. and if u are doing other things,and read to unwind this is not a good idea..

  13. @Paps-True.I do understand that Bronte must have wanted to portray her characters like that. Somewhat hateful and destructive.
    And then I remember characters like Hannibal Lecter, who has been depicted to do the worst, inhumane things, but still the reader is fond of him.

  14. @ TwentySomethings- Reading Fountainhead did feel like a big accomplishment .LOL
    Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.

  15. @Annie: I know how much you like the book, I picked it up because of you only. :)
    I had read that part, but it didn't touch me. I really cannot feel for these characters. I just couldn’t believe how Heathcliff treated Isabella. When he planned to get Cathy married to Linton, that is the point when I gave up. I think this is the first book that we both feel differently for!

  16. @Meera- Honestly, I love this kind of setting too!
    And "The God of small things" is one of my favourites actually. :)
    Will check out ur stories for sure.

  17. @Heather & Ofrainydays- Definitely not a book for unwinding. hehe :)

  18. sounds interesting.. though I don't read a lot of books..

  19. hahahaha I think i'm gonna really think twice now before reading it! Although isn't it Bella from twilights favourite book? Doesn't that say it all already......! Deterrent right away!

    Your newest follower :)

    Couture Caddy

  20. I've been wanting to read Wuthering Heights forever! I'm reading Eat,Pray,Love and I'm really liking it!

  21. @bows, hearts and cute- Do give WH a try. And I loved Eat,Pray,Love!! Right now i have picked up "Committed" by Elizabith Gilbert.

  22. I actually had to read this in high school and didn't like it very much..currently im reading pride and prejudice one of my favs

    hope you'll follow back


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