Sunday, October 2, 2011

Big Boss 5 Contestants Are....

So the list revealed by Mumbai Mirror was official. I don’t know why I thought maybe they were still guessing.  Maybe because Tabloids and TV Channels had been guessing crazily about celebs like Mike Tyson, Shakira( you wish..) and Lady Gaga( yeah right..), making an entry In “Big Boss season 5”(Indian Version of big brother).

I was waiting eagerly for “Big Boss season 5”, and how I hope that this season is fun to watch! Last season was utterly boring. Even in the third season, I had lost interest when Vindu Dara Singh kept on suspiciously proceeding week after week, even though I have never met a single person who likes him.
The Contestants are:

Shakti Kapoor

                                                     Mahek Chahal      
 Raageshwari Loomba

Shonali Nagrani

Pooja Mishra

                                                    Juhi Parmar
Nikita Biswas

Gulabi Sapera

Sonika Kaliraman

Mandeep Bevli


Vida Samadzai

Pooja Bedi 

Shradha Sharma

Till the end of the episode the Big Boss house looked like an all-girls slumber party place, to which Shakti Kapoor had stumbled accidently(or on purpose ).
Well, I must say this season seems promising. ;)
What do you think?


  1. This tv show seems lovely to watch ! I wonder whether we have something similar here in Italy.
    Nice blog ! Kisses

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  2. This should be interesting hehe! Can't wait.

  3. I think it will be a boring season,even worst then season 4.All girls??? what else you expect but gossip!!!! wont watch ...........

  4. Might be that I'm the ignorant ass here but I don't recognize half the people here... -_-

  5. its look like big boss is giving treat to Mr. Shakti Kapoor ;), lolzzzzzzzzz

    Well i missed yesterday intro episode, but i am must say key Sanjay and Salman, both will rock this show....

  6. that lady madeep throws so much attitude...lagta hai she'll be sabka nani there!!! & shakti ke liye tho dream come true hai!!!heheh
    but i suppose this season will b boring witot romance!!
    & sonika is ready2 risk her & babys life just for fame and money??!!!

  7. yup...will be a gr8 course on bitchiness :)

  8. doesnt look happening! of them will be chucked out/walk out(some emergency or complelling reason)and replaced by another guy!!

  9. @Vale- this is the Indian version of Big Brother sweets.

    @Pandora- Oh Yes!

    @PeeVee- Nobody did sweets, just that these all were in some or the other controversy last year.

    @Fakhra- LOLzz.

    @Blue- Some of the ladies do seem fierce.

    @Kejal- I am sure the wild card entry this year would be some guy.

  10. I'm doin' nothing but pitying th girls instead... Vida especially,she's so pretty nd with Shakti hitting on her the show's definitely goin to be quite a subject for all th gossip-mongers!!

  11. well personally i think this show would be a high voltage drama coz of presence of so many females in d house..m pretty sure shakti kapoor wud be chucked out soon....:)

  12. Not seen this. Hope you enjoy.

  13. I love drama..that's why I love to watch Big Boss.

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  14. Darn! I do not get to see BB5:(

  15. sigh i do not get to watch BB5 here :(

  16. this is so funny and interesting at the same time. i bet mr. shakti kapoor is going to love this, lol!
    love this post, haha :)

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  17. Gorgeous women!

    I'm now following your blog - it's very interesting.



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