Monday, October 31, 2011

Fail Products

I will start by saying that what does not work for me, might work for you and vice-versa, okayee..
I mostly review products that I like or love. This is a short post on products from hell!! These are the high end products that thoroughly disappointed me. I mean if the products are reasonably priced I usually don’t banter that much, but spending 500+ and getting no result really gets me angry.
Sally Hanson- Thicken up” did nothing for my nails. I was surprised as usually girls love anything  Sally Hanson. In fact it made my nail yellowish. :/
Don’t even get me started on “L’Oreal-Pure Zone Deep control Anti imperfection moisturiser.” It is supposed to control sebum and imperfections. Nada.  Did nothing for pimples and blemishes, and even made my face shiny.
I know “L’Oreal Liss Ultime Shampoo” is a shampoo that girls regard highly, but it caused me major hair fall. I liked the way it made my hair feel, and not even for a second did I suspect that this shampoo might be the cause of my sudden increase in hairfall. Well I found out in time.
So…. Did you have a bad experience with any product recently?


  1. thats for sharing, ill be sure to steer clear of these items

  2. Well, I shudder at Dove shampoos which my mum likes a lot.

  3. I had a Sally Hanson nail strengthening polish (clear) that I had, forgot the name...but it helped my fragile nails so much! It didn't make them stronger over time, but while I did have it on, never did I experience any chipping or cracking or bending backwards (ouch!)


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