Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gotta Haul Em All

 The “Gingersnaps’s Mac lippie giveaway” result will be out soon.  We at "Gingersnaps",
(oh yes, there’s a we….
Writer- Karishma Rawat,
Editor- Karishma Rawat,
Photographer- Karishma Rawat and Mr. Google,
 Editor in Chief – Rajnikant( For non-Indian readers(yes I am talking to both of you), that means the Chuck Norris of India)
Proof reader- Karishma Rawat)
are stuck with some boring work. So please stop stalking me and threatening me with emails. :/
Meanwhile, enjoy the haul. :D
Revlon Custom Eyes shadow and liner
015 Party Pops
Price: INR 625

Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream
Price: INR 90 (25 g)

Max Factor- False Lash Effect Fusion
Price: INR 610

Maybelline White Stay Fairness Compact
Light Ivory
Price INR- 150

Max Factor Max Effect Lip Gloss
04 Pink Romantic
Price: INR 320

And try to say “Gotta Haul em all” 10 times real fast. Can ya, eh?



  1. Great haul! I love the Maybelline White Stay Fairness Compact, never seen it before :)

  2. Pretty haul! :) They're all so pretty!

  3. Hey
    what was the comment u left on my post :P didnt get it!!

  4. the max factor mascara looks great, i haven't seen any in the stores around me ;-(

  5. @Fables, MC & Rakshanda- Thank you girls!

    @FashionPHD- Oh sorry my comment does seem kinda abrupt
    *looks around feeling embarrassed*
    What I meant was that I am a fan of your blog and have not been able to read your posts for some time.
    I have been a silent reader of your blog, and even haven’t ever seen you on my blog. So I think you must not know me.
    And i meant that squeezing your dog is the perfect way to start one's day.
    That all.

    @Kanika- Sure. Will try to do it soon.

  6. great ur lip gloss...

  7. Hahaha! i was able to say 'gotta haul em all' 10 times real fast :D


  8. hey!
    haha no no u didnt say anything wrong woman!! i just coudlnt understand
    haha sorrryyy!
    and if ur a SILENT reader obviously i didnt know ! But i do now :D Yay!! folloowwwiiiiing !

  9. Himalaya night cream is my HG ! I hope u like it..

  10. @ sarah: Thanks!

    @ Twenty somethings: Yay!! Thats the kinda enthusiasm we need around here.

    @Fashion PhD: :D

    @Bhumika: Oh yes i am liking it :)

  11. Nice haul !! Even I use Maybelline Whitestay- Its an amazing product.. Isn't it?? : )

    PS- Thanks for stopping by my blog !!

  12. such a gorgeous blog you have

    -Mia xoxo

  13. great haul! I feel like buying them all. please do reviews on them in the upcoming future, especially the compact powder and mascara

  14. Even imagining saying Gotta Haul Em All is too hard in my head, LOL Great haul! I wish they sold that Maybelline compact in the US!

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  16. I agree with Segments of life. A review on Compact powder and mascara please :)

  17. nice items... enjoyed your blog,following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

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    you def have a new follower :)
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  21. heard lot abt that compact...howz it???

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  23. Karishma,

    Though your space is not for me but I do visit at times. Read jokes and had a good laugh, specially at naughty one. If you visit me, you will find that I too share jokes at times.

    Take care

  24. i lije d new header... very pretty..!!

  25. Great haul,love everythn!

    Btw awesome blog,am following u now!

  26. Sweet Haul!

    you hav a really Amazing Blog!

    M a follower now!

    Do visit my lil blog!

  27. Nooo! I wish we had Max factor in Singapore! so sad...Anyways, that revlon palette looks lovely!! I've tested some out at the stores and I loved what I saw but I've got so many similar colors at home I'm saving up for individuals at the moment! Lovely stuff!

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