Monday, December 26, 2011

Survivor India- First Look

I am a sucker for reality television, good reality television that is! I attended the exclusive screening for the first look of Survivor India, and it does seem like a show that audiences will look forward to. Besides the news channels, the event was attended by many bloggers and tweeters as well.
Survivor India will witness, twenty two participants in its opening season, out of which 11 are somewhat known faces and rest of the contestants are “mango” people.

The known faces include Payal Rohatgi, Shilpa Agnihotri, JD Majethia, Sangram Singh, Abhinav Shukla, Timmy Narang, Sylvie Rodgers, Priyanka Bassi, Rajesh Khera, Munisha Khatwani. It is also news that Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh have started dating each other after working together in this show. ahem...ahem..

Press Release- Marooned on an uninhabited tropical Island of Philippines where even basic minimum amenities aren’t available, Survivor India will be the ultimate game of physical and mental endurance. It’s well encapsulated tagline- Kya Jeet Paoge? Is a testimony, that only the fittest, the grittiest and the ruthless will survive, and will be the ultimate winner of the show.
The series will showcase the life changing journey of 22 individuals battling for survival, in a do or die situation
The show is going to be aired from January 6 onwards, 9pm , on Star Plus.
Anybody excited, eh?


  1. wishing you and your family a very merry christmas

  2. hehehe me like reality shows too.. m lookin fwd to dis one...

  3. hmm...sounds to be good,.. I hope it doesn't have all that drama & fights like in Big BOss' current season !!

  4. Hi dear, I have passed you an award ..please do check my blog !

  5. Karishma,

    You have convinced me to see this show. I only hope time suits me as remote is mostly in the hands of my wife or granddaughter.

    Take care

    PS : If you find time, do visit my space too. I too share some jokes at times inbetween serious posts.

  6. HEY..great blog! I am finally back to blogging again lol

  7. Happy New Year dear, I've passed on an award to you, do check out my Blog.

  8. I hope this one won't turn into another iss jungle se mujhe bachao...that was pathetic to say the least!

  9. @Emm
    hehe! All i remember from that show is Akashdeep.. oh sorry.... I mean Sky shouting his head off.


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