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Product Claims to:

Clean skin, prevent outbreak & recurrence of pimples

Ingredient list
Azadirachta Indica (Neem).
Fuller’s Earth, (Multani Mitti).
Curcuma Longa (Turmeric Haridra). 

I always prefer homemade face packs for my skin but often I feel too lazy to prepare them. So this time I thought of giving a try to some ready to use face pack. I opted for HIMALAYA NEEM FACE PACK & experienced quite good outcome :)

I usually use face packs to deep cleanse my skin and keep it clean and blemish free. I include face pack in my skincare regime once or twice a week to maintain my skin tone. Considered to be the best for oily and acne prone skin, clay packs are used mostly in summers but I use this pack in winters too as I deal with acne constantly.

This 75g size pack i bought is for INR 110 , which i guess would be sufficient for at least 20 usage. This product is very old in the market with good’s quite reasonable, easy to use & for me it reflects instant results.

How to use: Apply evenly avoiding the eye area, allow it to dry for 10-12 min. Then rinse the face with cool water & gently rub it with your 3 fingers in circular movement. You will notice a sudden freshness in your skin as it has all good natural ingredients (neem, turmeric, multani mitti) that stop acne problem & make your skin look fresh & healthy.

If you use the product in the morning you will feel the positive results in your skin throughout the day as it will reduce the excess oil secretion, no shine on forehead or nose, removes the dead skin of your old pimples leaving your face with a natural fresh fair glow. I suggest applying it once a week and using it as a spot treatment when necessary.

·         Inexpensive
·         Herbal
·         Less time consuming
.         The texture of the mask is grainy, and acts as a mild scrub.
.         Helps to prevent acne.

·        Can be irritating to sensitive skin.
.        For people with dry skin, this mask can be over-drying.
.        It has a strong and herbal smell, though i personally don't mind it.

Rating: 4/5

Will I buy it again: Absolutely…. Perfect Value for money!!

Written by Tripti Bisht 

Have you ever used this product? What has your experience been with it?

Thank you Tripti for sharing your experience about Himalaya Neem Face Pack with us!! 

P.S.  Hate it, love it, want to talk about it? Guest Posts are welcomed :D.



  1. always handy to know this stuff!
    good review!

  2. I absolutely agree with you! I found this friend about three years back when even medicine did not cure my acne properly. I absolutely adore it!
    But yes, it is a bit harsh on the skin

    1. hmm... i have always trusted Himalaya's product for all type of skin.. well if its harsh on ur skin make sure u remove it just by splashing water on your face. YES it amazingly works on preventing acne.. :)

  3. i love this face pack its amazing...grt review

  4. Nice review Tripti....its my HG face pack:)

  5. Didn't even know this was out in the market! Will surely try it!

    1. ya it has bn in market for quite long dear, bt i also luvd it once i tried u cn give it a try aswell:::hope u'll like it!!!!!!!

  6. oh ! this was my fav face pack when I was suffering from acne !
    I second you, it really does control the outburst of acne and calms down the skin. However, I didn't like the stretchy feeling after using it :D

  7. i love this face pack its amazing and thanks for providing such a useful information about the face pack .May i know
    do you write blog for other. If u, please contact me at this email id

  8. Nice review Tripti...i love this face pack its amazing and thanks for providing such a useful information about the face pack .
    May i know do you write blog for other. If u ,please contact me at this email id

  9. hello Dear skin is very oily many pimples in my face ..can i use neem face pack ....its realef pimples on my face .....please suggest me .....

  10. hello dear skin is very oily & so many pimples on my face & forehead ....i m always felling embressed ...can neem face pack prevent pimple ...i tried all type product of himalaya ....but always failure... please suggest me ....

    1. he ankita ya its a best way to remove ur pimpls & much more thng which u have giving prob...
      so, please read all's comment & try its ...
      its not harmfull its suitable for our oily & acne skin....

  11. after reading ur review i had tried it & its just pimples got reduced,... thanx a lot

    1. Oh that is great Urmila! And thank you Tripti for this helpful review :)

  12. truely great product.Almost ended my pimple era...

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