Friday, May 11, 2012

New Pond's White Beauty Peel-off mask - Product Information

Transform your skin for that perfect glow with new Pond’s white beauty Peel-off mask which gives instant brightening.
In just one application, its Vita-active boosters and unique peel-off action lifts away accumulated dark, dead cells and
impurities and reveal your new fairer skin instantly.
1.      Cleanse and Dry your face thoroughly.
2.      Take a coin size amount and apply with your fore-finger all over your face to form a thick even layer. Do not apply a very thin layer asit will not Peel-off evenly.
3.      Allow it to dry for atleast 15 mins or wait untill it dries. Gently Peel-off the mask in an upward direction starting from the chin towards forehead. Wash it off if required.

If you want a glow on your face before attending any special occasions, then Pond’s white beauty Peel-off mask is just the right one! So, let your skin breathe and get a radiant look with the New Pond’s white beauty peel-off mask at a price of Rs. 99 only! (50 gm tube)


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