Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pre-holiday beauty tips (Guest Post)

Pre-holiday beauty tips 
by guest blogger Isabella

If you’re heading on holiday this summer, it’s important to pamper and preen before you fly away! There’s sure to be someone with a camera hanging about the pool, so look great in four simple steps.

 Perfect your skin

Are you flying away to somewhere hot? If so, you’re probably going to be revealing a lot of skin! It’s therefore essential to perfect your complexion by exfoliating on a weekly basis and moisturising daily. This will help open your pores and will keep your skin soft and smooth – ready for those fun-filled days on the beach! If you’re struggling with acne, pimples, rosacea, sun-damage or another embarrassing condition, find out more about the various skin rejuvenation procedures available at reputable clinics. Everything from IPL laser to microdermabrasion’s available around the UK – so don’t miss out.

Make a facemask

Beauty experts recommend making a natural facemask to reveal your natural luminosity – so why not give it a go? Raid your kitchen cupboard and see what beautifying ingredients you can find? If you’re looking to create an anti-ageing face pack, mash up two rib avocados and apply the smooth mixture to your visage. Leave it on for around twenty minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water and patting your face dry. Avocados are packed with antioxidants that’ll replenish your skin and they’re thought to reduce the effects of sun damage. 

Enjoy a pedicure
If you’re planning on wearing flip-flops or sandals – treat yourself to a well-deserved pedicure. Firstly, remove any old nail varnish and submerge your feet in a bowl of hot water for around ten minutes. Next, exfoliate using a Dead Sea scrub before patting each foot dry using a clean towel and applying a high-quality foot cream. Peppermint products can be bought from most beauty stores and will leave your feet smelling clean and fresh. Once your skin feels shiny and new, trim your nails and buff them to make them smooth. Finally, apply two coats of a brightly-coloured nail varnish before painting on a clear top coat.


Hairy legs and bushy armpits are not attractive, so don’t forget to de-fuzz before you board the plane. Wax, shave, tweeze, epilate and enjoy a vibrant, hairless complexion for the duration of your trip. If you’ve still got a few months before you go away, you could even book a course of laser hair removal with a highly-trained technician. This non-surgical procedure uses beams of light to kill each hair follicle and has been proven to reduce or halt regrowth. It only targets hairs in the active growth stage of the hair cycle, however, so you’ll need to book several sessions for it to be effective.

Feel great on holiday and look fabulous no matter where you go!

Thank you Isabella for this lovely post :D ! You can check out Isabella's site here.

So have you planned your vacation yet?Have fun on your vacation girls, and don't forget to take your sunscreen.

*The links in the post have been provided by the guest blogger.


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