Friday, June 1, 2012

The Denizen Imran Khan Collection!

Some very ecstatic Mumbai bloggers got to sit with Imran khan to interact with him about his co-created "Spring Summer '12 Collection" with Denizen. This summer range of denims, tees and shirts, combine a contemporary and modern look that consists of casual and easy to wear wardrobe essentials for men. 

“I always take a lot of time in making clothes my own, whatever it is that I am buying, whatever it is that I am wearing, the idea is to own it and make it individual, to make it who I am.” says Imran.
That is certainly evident in how detailed Imran’s collection is.

Did You Know: Imran is called Wikipedia by his friends, when any of his friends need to know anything, they come to Imran. “One of the most common things I say is “Did you know?” and they have printed that on t-shirts, which is a little embarrassing.”  says Imran with a coy *cute as hell* smile.


RED: Imran loves the colour red and it is the highlight colour of the collection- Each piece of denim has a signature red rivet on the coin pocket, red overlocks on the busted side seams, and red zipper tape in front. The last buttons of all the shirts are red too!

"For the summer collection the idea was to use lighter denims, lighter washes and lighter colours." says Imran.
This one is Imran's favorite shirt in the collection!

Bhaskar Kelkar, business head of Denizen, says "All our designers are very young, Denizen brand was born after very strong research on the youth across globe for a few year,s and all the building blocks of the brand and ethos of the brand are based on this research.”

What's more, Imran is looking into a women's range for the the fall-winter collection!



Paisa Vasool: Yes! 

I really like this collection. It's laid-back with the perfect touch of vibrancy that a youth collection needs. The colors red, blue and natural white look oh- so- pleasant together. The cool Canvas back patch, the use of Japanese Selvedge fabric (which is considered as the world’s highest quality denim), and the contemporary cool look have completely  wooed me over. It would be really interesting to see what Imran khan would come up with  for women's collection. :)

    It was lovely, lo-ve-lyyyy meeting fellow bloggers at the event. You have no idea how glad i was to finally meet people, to whom i could vent out my blogging queries :D.



  1. where's ure pic wid Imran? isnt he a cutie?

    nice post :)

    1. I didn't put it here.hehe.. Should I?
      Thank you :D

  2. Hi Karishma,
    Visiting your blog after an awfully long time. Sorry!!
    I loved this post and each and every piece from the collection that you have here is wonderful. I love those red details in those denims,they look great. Eagerly waiting for Imran's collection for women to come :)

  3. Hey Karishma it was great meeting you at this event. And thank you for your lovely comments and follow. I too am following you back. Hope to catch up with you soon some day.
    New Post is up.
    Happy Blogging,
    Fashionopolis By Amena
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  4. Yeah Karishma..would love to see your pic wid him on the blog!!Such a fabulous post,I love Imran and it was great to know fun,quirky little facts about him!!

    A Pearl Collar Necklace, Back with Bangs and Life Lately!!

  5. Super cute Imran..Super nice post.. :) pls post your pic with him..
    am following your blog now..

  6. Thank you so much! Gladly follow you too!

  7. Imran is such a cutie !! Would love to see more of you and him :)

    New post up...

  8. I am in love with Imran! Cute blog :)


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