Thursday, October 25, 2012

LMAO Thursdays- Gana Wala Song

I have had more than a few people request me to start putting some funny stuff  back on the blog. I don't know why i stopped doing these posts. I guess I thought, these posts were a little off the track for the blog or something. But really to hell with that!! When has a little bit of laughter hurt anybody, eh?

So a fact that you didn't know about me, I am a BIG Youtube geek! I have spent more time on YT then is socially acceptable :/. If you don't go to YT that much you might be wondering "What the hell does a person do on YT other than watch trailers and songs of new movies?" Well to start with, YT has a lot of  vloggers and comedy channels. There are many people that regularly put up comedy skits and short movies.

Until recently there have not been many Indian Youtubers. The most promising among the new Indian YT talents has to be "TheViralFeverVideos." Their first major viral video on YT is the Roadies Parody that they had put up in the starting of this year. As far as I have heard, "" has been started by some IIT passouts.

If you haven't already, check out their latest video, the parody of the song "Ishq wala love" from student of the year. Very funny!!

So, is there any youtube channel that you love?

Happy Thursday people!!


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  2. LOL. This is really funny! :D
    Glad you posted it.


  3. haha,,this song is wat ppl are toking abt nw a :)

    1. Yeah.. After watching this version, you can never listen to the real version without smiling. hehe..

  4. haha OMG I was just about to put it on my blog today because I dint see this one getting any love!:P I've been singing it like this!! Aarrrgghh! You HAVE to keep posting such things Karishma! I watched Jus Reign- funny parents because of you!!! You cant't not put funny stuff up at least once a week!:P

    1. You watched Jus Reign because of me?? Isn't he the best XD.. More posts like this coming up for you IKKI..

  5. My first visit to the site and I'm quite delighted to have a humorous welcome. :) :)
    I agree, youtube has some really good and wacky stuff going on nowadays. All sorts of creativity being uploaded. It's fun watching all those videos where everybody gets their 30 seconds of fame.

    Had a nice time in this blog, following you now :)

    Keep posting Karishma :)




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