Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Windows 8 Launches in India

This my friend,is how your future computer screen will look like.

Windows 8 comes with a new smooth and intuitive start screen and tiles that are brimming with content and update in real time. With this launch, the Windows store is now open and a plethora of global and local apps will be available for download.

Amrish Goyal, Bhaskar Pramanik and Sanket Akerkar.

“The hardware requirements that are needed to run Windows 8 are equal or less than the requirements needed to run Windows 7. So we believe that a vast majority of people that are using Windows 8, would absolutely be able to use Windows 8 on their current device.” says Amrish Goyal, director of Windows Business Group.

To get an idea about just how much of a change this is going to be from the classic desktop, you can check out this consumer preview demo which was released in March this year.

If you have bought a PC or if you buy a PC between June 2nd 2012 and January 31st 2012, you can upgrade your existing device, from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro, for INR 699. If you have a device you have bought before Jun 2nd, you can upgrade Windows XP/Vista/7 to Windows 8 Pro for INR 1,999. Upgrade offer is available here.



  1. The price of window 8 should be further reduced to get access to this new window.their many non professionals who make no money by use of computer in India and much poor to afford rs. 1999/- also.

  2. A nice precise overview you had there ...nice post..


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