Friday, November 16, 2012

LMAO Thursdays- I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Hey there,

So you know how i keep on coming up with new fun ways to procrastinate important work, well i have got some more funny Youtube videos for you.

Jimmy Kimmel asked people to tell their kids that they had eaten all the Halloween Candy, and video tape that and post it to YouTube. This is the compilation video of some of the kids reaction, and I do warn you there is going to be a lot of crying involved.

This girls reaction could have been more adorable!!

 Happy Thursday people. :D


  1. HAHAHA....Oh my god...the girl in the second video is so much like a Hollywood heroine. :) :) :)
    when the mom tells the girl that there's no candy
    "but that makes me really sad."
    "But, are you mad at me???" "No"

    Thanks for sharing this Karishma :) enjoyed this :)



    1. How do get a kid to be so understanding!
      Thank you Jay. :)


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