Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pastels, Mint and Neon - Fashion trends that rocked 2012 (Part 1)

Pastel, Mint and Neon

Pastels have been around for a while now, and will very well be seen again in spring/summer 2013. If one hit trend of 2012 was soft, subtle and delicious pastels, the other loved trend was "in your face" neon. Neon clothing and accessories popped up everywhere this year. 
Serious Sally tall t shirt
$24 - nelly.com

$8.11 - johnlewis.com

Did you adore the pastel, mint and neon attack this year?

Merry Christmas!! :)



  1. I love mint green, I hope it continues, as for pastels, it was nice but I didn't get much of anything pastel for myself. I found most of the nail polishes looked washed out on my skin, as for neons, I can't wait to order a neon pink bag! ^^

    1. Mint is so pleasant and soothing!
      I still am not daring enough to try Neon outfits,but I don't mind Neon accessories. :)

  2. I didnt give neon a try this year. I wouldnt mind a neon top but for some reason I hate neon bags! I LOVE pastels though!
    I'm following your blog. You can check me out at: www.glamdiaries.com

    PS: My sis loves your show. I cannot watch it as I live in hostel with no tv :(

  3. I also prefer pastels than neon but if you want more attraction, I guess neon will be effective. Anyway, please also check this site about keeping to be healthy and knowing more about virus and flu, http://www.flu2013.com/. Thanks.

  4. Pastels have been around for a while now, and will very well be seen again in spring/summer 2013.
    Fashion Trends


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