Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guilt trip- The ultimate foodie heaven

What: Guilt Trip

Where: Shop A&B, Ground Floor, 15-A Union Park, Carter Road, next to Baskin Robbins, Khar (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400052

While passing through Carter road, there is no way you can miss this dazzling shop. The attractive set-up was the first thing that caught my eye. The same day I visited the shop with my friends, and had the "Mini cupcakes," and oh sweet mother of all things nice, I fell in love with this place.

Now I am a person who doesn't have even a trace of sweet tooth. Rarely do I like cakes, brownies or any dessert of this sort, but this place is just magical. Late at nights, when I ponder over the meaning of my life, my thought process often gets interrupted by Guilt Trips's exotic "Red- Velvet pastry" and the luring "Vanilla Sky" cupcake. I have not yet tried much of their 
savories, but their Pizza cup-cake is the best i have ever had!

Paisa Vasool: Yes
I wish I could visit this place more often, but, alas, my place is too far.
 I can make a trip to Bandra just to visit this shop, as i have actually done before. ;)

Have you been to "Guilt Trip" yet? What is your favorite dessert place?


  1. I've come here once before after lunch with all my girlie gang....and everything's so yummmmmm.
    Fortunately I stay in south Bombay so this place is too far for me or I would be piling on the calories every alternate day :p

  2. Love Mumbai ! Would def check them out on my next trip :)

    1. Oh please do! Plus, it's in Bandra where you can do a lot of shopping too. :)

  3. Finally you wrote something which I could relate to :-)
    I love this place too.

    1. :) You are the person who introduced me to this place after all.

  4. You made me hungry dear. Would definitely visit the place sometime. They look so delicious.

  5. I will check them out when I visit soon!

  6. loved d pictures..well written..truly tempting

  7. There's a Guilt Trip in Thane too. I tried it just yesterday. Heaven!


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