Sunday, March 10, 2013

Four Fountains Spa - Review

Four Fountains Spa is a chain of affordable day spas, and has 17 outlets across 8 cities in India. In Mumbai “Four fountains Spa” has its branches in Bandra, Malad and Powai. I recently visited its Powai branch.

The spa therapies at Four Fountains Spa are categorized into:



Immunity and 


Click here, for a detailed list of therapies.

You will have to book an appointment beforehand for a therapy session. I found the staff extremely cordial and friendly. The therapists at the Spa take your stress level test, ask about your medical history and recommend the best therapy for you. I opted for the simple and de-stressing “Swedish Massage.”

“A popular therapy at spas world-over, the Swedish Massage uses five different movements to relax muscles by applying indirect pressure against inner muscles and bones, while massaging the muscles in the direction of the flow of blood returning to the heart. It increases oxygen supply to the muscles and reduces lactic acid formation. This leads to reduction of muscular pains and aches and creates a feeling of refreshment.” 

The Swedish Massage is helpful in relieving body aches. The treatment lasted for an hour and was completely relaxing.  The premises of the spa are simple and modest but have got great calming ambiance. 

“We have made every effort to ensure that our prices are kept as low as possible so that you can make regular therapies part of your wellness regimen. With most therapies priced between Rs. 599 to Rs. 1599, you will discover that staying stress-free through spa therapies need not be an expensive affair. Add to that our weekday discounts and membership discounts and our spa therapies become even more affordable.” (From the site)

Paisa Vasool: YesAll in all I was thoroughly satisfied with the therapy. My only suggestion is to be provided with some fancy better shower gel and shampoo in the shower room instead of the simple ones :)
The Four Fountains Spa provides great discounts for members. Also they have got special offers for women going on this month. Do check out their website for more details.


So.... do you like to indulge in Spa therapies regularly?



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