Monday, April 1, 2013

Of Goodbyes and Sweet Nothings

March- The Month that was

I am not even going to say that March just buzzed past by like that.
Not that it didn't.

I Bid adieu to Dehradun. ans came back to Mumbai after my long awaited and much postponed week long stay in there.

Raja and Duggu
Somewhere in Rajpur Road

Said goodbye to my show, and the lovely doggies that stay on sets.

Found this 1717 Half Anna coin at home in Doon. And if it was real, I would have been a frigging millionare. If only it was. *Sigh* 

Read a Paulo Coelho book after long. Started reading a PDF version of "The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" on Douglas Adam's birthday but decided to pick up a hard copy of it after Chapter 3. It was unavailable at my usual book lending shop, and I ended up picking "Midnight's Children." Midnight's Children has been on my "to read" list for a long time (it is the best of Booker after all) and ever since the movie came out, I wanted to read it as soon as I could before people started telling me spoliers.

 Currently watching Dexter Season 7 and How I met your mother Season 5.

Received my Indiblogger mug which I won for writing this post. :)

It was a month of goodbyes. And that means, of new beginnings.

So April, are you going to be THE ONE.

How did March treat you guys?




  1. get it checked you never know you just hit a jackpot... I watch Pawnshop on History and keep on wishing someday i could find something antique and unique lol

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    1. Oh I have already done a test on it that is supposed to prove if it's real or not. But I got to know a lot of interesting facts about old Indian coins because of this fake one.


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