Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deepika's Crazy Bold Brows: Yay or Nay

Oh Deepika, you gorgeous piece of cherry cheesecake, why have you been drawing on eyebrows like some distant cousin of Krur Singh.

I am a diehard Deepika fan, and when I had noticed her distinct looking thick eyebrows for the first time I had dissmissed it as a one time makeup faux pas. I mean we all have those days when we mess up our makeup. But Deeps has been drawing on her eyebrows harshly on a regular basis.  Now I know bold brows are a big rage this year, still it really doesn't look nice to have little mustaches in place of eyebrows. I am all for thick brows, but I would prefer to do it in a softer more natural looking way.

What do you think girls, do you like Deepika's dramatic eyebrows?



  1. She would look better with a lil thin eyebrows :)

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  2. I adore Deepika!:) She was amazing in Cocktail movie! I like her eyebrows in the first picture, but it really looks unnaturally in the second one... anyways, love your blog! do you want to follow each other? :) if yes, just let me know ;) kisses,


  3. Deepika has big eyebrows naturally. And most of the times, they look good and suit her. Sometimes, yes, like Petra (above) said, they come across a little unnatural. But brows aside, how hot is this woman?

  4. I agree they should be slightly thinner and softer but she still pulls them off well. I'm a big deepika fan too :D

  5. I like thicker brows but she does them rather harshly at times. I like softer edges not like the ones that looks like drawn on.
    Nice post.:)

  6. Thicker eyebrows I like, But Not That Look Like Artificial :-s

  7. i actually like thicker eyebrows, but don't like Deepika's eyebrows. they seems as if they have been painted on and look quite harsh

  8. I prefer thicker brows :) they really suit her.

  9. Nay! :) she looks better with thin eyebrows.


  10. I am a thick eyebrow fan..but yes she does it abruptly..


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