Friday, June 21, 2013

Muse: Maybelline Gliter Prata

Maybelline Glitter Prata Review Price

Dazzle on a dull, rainy day with Maybelline Colorama Glitter Prata. I wear this on top of my nail paints, and sometimes only on my ring finger. Like all glitter nail paints, this one is also bit wearisome to remove. So whenever I am tempted to apply multiple coats, I think of the trouble I will go through while taking it off, and end up applying a single coat. If you are looking for a subtle, silver, glitter nail paint, at a very affordable price then go for this one!

So tell me, do you like glitter nail paints? I remember when I was in school and I had seen some glitter nail paints, I thought of them as tacky. Haha.... Look how the times have changed little Karishma. Now I am dieing to get my hands on some good chunky glitter nail polishes that I have seen in international blogs. But I am so not in the mood to spend 1000 bucks on ordering a nail paint. No sirrr.



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