Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Confessions and Ramblings

Trying to start a weekly series on a blog is probably not the best idea for a lazy blogger, but I thought it would be a good way to challenge myself to give more time to GingerSnaps. Also, I don't think that I would be able to come up with confessions every week. I mean come on, my life is not that interesting. 

Now when we are talking about confessions, that doesn't mean those hardcore "FB confession pages" type confessions (god knows we have enough of those already.) Just some harmless little facts that people don't know about me would do.

So I want to confess.....

to you all..... that I am...... "Mascara challenged."

Yes I just made up that term. But coming to the point, no matter how meticulously I apply mascara with highly cautious strokes, 4 out of 5 times I mess it up. You know how girls always talk about applying only mascara and lip-gloss if they are running late. I guffaw at the thought of me trying to apply mascara in a hurry.

Me + Mascara+ Rush = Mascara mess all over my under eye area + Cleaning up the mess for the next ten minutes + Being late

I confess that I messed up applying mascara before rushing to the L'Oreal Colour Genius Meet-up yesterday, (yes Shanaya, this is the reason I was late!) and I messed it up two days ago before going to the Moroccanoil's latest products launch event too. Being 'Mascara challenged' (I wanted to use the acronym but that didnt come out right :P) is indeed a very serious condition for a beauty blogger, but a girl can't be perfect at everything, right? *flutters eyelashes*  


Let us see what else do I have to tell you. Oh yes, how can I forget. Did I tell you that Oriflame had invited me for a trip to their RnD centre in Dublin, Ireland. Frigging Ireland, the land where everyday has a happy ending! Did I tell you that the stay was going to be in Ritz Carlton! Oh I didn’t, right? You know why, because my visa got rejected. Four days before the trip, I got a message from the Oriflame team, saying that my visa had been rejected, and they were trying for it again but the chances were bleak. 

While my sad little heart slouched on the floor and wept, my mother felt relieved because from the start she doubted that this all had been a plan to kidnap her daughter. I looked towards the sky the ceiling, and said, "Really god? Really?" I don’t remember going around kicking puppies or snatching candies from little kids, or anything remotely wicked that I could have done to deserve this. Telling me that I was going to have something mind-blowingly awesome that I could have never imagined or even thought about praying for, and then taking it away before I could have it, was quite brutal.

Do you remember that seen in the movie Judai in which a very ecstatic Sridevi tells all of the mohalla-walas that she is going to go for a movie in the eve with her hubby, Anil Kapoor, and kids, and then Anil Kappor doesn't turn up. Well that's somewhat how I felt. (Yes I made a 15 year old movie reference, kill me.) Good I had only told some of my good friends and family about the trip. And thank god I didn't put up shameless FB statuses like "Off to Ireland ........ Wheeeee." That would have been embarrassing. 

Sometimes things that are too good to be true, are exactly that. I didn't talk to god for two whole days after this episode.

Would you like to see more posts in this series? Otherwise I can always jot up such pointless thoughts in my "Dear Diary" you know.

So girls, did you do something this week that you would like to get off your chest? Come on now, you can tell me. Anonymous comments accepted. *winks*



  1. I just read this post out loud to Rahul and he was like god this girl is a complete sweet heart and i was proudly saying yes :D.. Dont worry about the Ireland thing doll there are many more of those coming your way.. you completely deserve it. May be That dint happen cause something better was gonna happen? Ethr way Phew.. Im glad the mystery of you being late was solved :P I would love to read more in this series.

    Ps : The comment about your mom was hilarious ! :D

    Love you <3

    1. You and Rahul are the sweetest sweethearts hun :D Thanks for reading the post out loud to Rahul!
      Something better than Ireland? Hmmm that will have to be something out of this world, literally :P.
      And you know how moms are.. hehe..

      Love you loads Shanaya :*

  2. I loved reading this. And seening ur absolutely perfect eye makeup, I wud hv never thought ur mascara challenged!
    so sorry about ur Ireland trip. Did they give u any reasons y ur application was rejected?

    1. When you were complimenting me on my eye makeup that day, I was like you have no idea girl. Thanks Dollie!
      So now you know the dark secret behind my eye makeup Dollie :P

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for being gutsy enough to comment on a very girly post Deval :)

  4. I like how you coined "Mascara Challenged". Don't worry, Im sure you'll get better at it in a few tries. And your not alone, I am "Blush-challenged". Not only, do I not have a clue of what colour will suit me, but also I can never apply it correctly. One cheek always has way more colour than the other.

    I agree with Shanaya, don't worry about the Ireland trip. There is definitely something better coming your way.

    Priyanka (The Purplenista0

    1. There goes my next week's confession Priyanka. :P I am "Blush-challenged" too!

    2. hahaha! Lets learn together then. But, you must know that whenever I have seen you, you have the perfect makeup on. :)

    3. Awww Thank you Priyanka!! That is really sweet of you.
      Well now you know the secrets behind my seemingly perfect makeup.

  5. dnt be upset there is something better coming up.. trust in GOD... and you are indeed lucky that you got an offer of a sponsored trip.. Cheer-up.. :-)
    I am makeup challenged when it comes to foundation and eye shadows.. I can look like a ghost of RGV movie

  6. Oh sad the visa got rejected :( Dont worry..many more to come..couldnt attend the L'Oreal Colour Genius Meet-up as it was a was it ?

  7. Mascara challenged.. well im eye liner challenged.. or rather lip make up challenged. Never bothered me really.. there were days my friends thought it was my bday just cause they saw some good eyeliner on my eyes. Aah I know.. I wish you could have gone 2 ireland but u know what. . God has better plans as always so relax and wait n see. Loving this series. . Keep going!


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