Saturday, July 6, 2013

Muse: Colorbar "Cocktail brights" in Tangerine Mojito

Colorbar Tangerine Mojito Review

Colorbar Cocktail Brights Tangerine Mojito Review

Last year when Colorbar launched its "Cocktail Brights" collection of neon nail-paints inspired by cocktail colours, I never thought that I would buy one. But as usual is the case with life, you find yourself doing things that you never imagined. In my case, wearing "Tangerine Mojito" and loving it! This brilliant bright orange nail paint, is the kind of color that people will have an opinion about. You will either hate it or love it, but if a girl paints her digits "Tangerine Mojito," you certainly can't ignore it.

Every time I have worn this nail-paint I have had people asking me about it. Now as long as girls don't go on asking other girls about nail-paints that make them cringe, I am sure it must be a sign that they like this colour. This is a strictly double coat nail-paint, and looks simply bedazzling in the sun. For some reason this nail-paint does not stay for long on my nails, still at INR150 I think it is a good bargain.

Colorbar's "Cocktail Brights" range is available in the shades -Plum Grenadine, Tangerine Mojito, Bloody Mary, Pink Lady, Pina Colada and Lime Margarita. FYI I have not written the names in accordance with the picture above, you figure out which one which.
So tell me, have you ever tried any of these vibrant Colorbar "Cocktail Brights?"



  1. very pretty shade, would love to see it on your nails <3

    1. Rakshanda I am so bad at taking nail swatches :/

  2. I love these shades, especially the green one !

  3. Isnt the colors so pretty! I'm using the greenish one from colorbar and you know under UV light it glows like crazy!!! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  4. im in love with colorbar nail paints out of this line i have the neon green one :)

    1. I guess I should check the green one out! I have been hearing about it.

  5. I am in love with this collection ! Love Tangerine the most :D


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