Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY: Easy Nail Art for Beginners - Polka Dots

Polka Dot nails easy

Now when I say nail art for beginners, that is because I myself am one. I was trying to create some simple looks for nails with things that you can easily find around you and came up with this very basic but super cute polka dot nails. Hope you find this helpful!

Polka dot nails easy nail art beginners tutorial

1. Start by applying the base colour of your choice.
2. Take a little amount of white nail paint (or your preferred colour) on a plain surface. I have used a lid as a palette. Now I am going to use a bobby pin as a dotting tool. I have bent the bobby pin for ease of use.
3. Start making dots with the bobby pin in a diagonal line.
4.  After you are done dotting your whole nail, apply a top coat.

And ta-daah! Your cute polka-dotted nails are ready!

  • If this is your first time doing polka dots, messy is good. Don't aim to make the look neat.
  • Make polka dots of different sizes which will save you a lot of time than trying to make polka dots of the same size. Plus less chances of messing up.
  • I am not a top coat person, but applying a top coat helped diminish minor flaws of this design.
I hope you guys try this easy and fun look! And if you do, Instagram me the pic will ya? If you would like to see more of such nail art ideas without using any professional tools, do let me know.

Update: I have used "Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: 405 Coral Reef" and a white nail paint of a local brand in this post. The pictures have been taken in artificial lighting and are not true to the actual shade of the nail-paint.



  1. Okay, this I HAVE to try. Its so simple, it'd be a sin not to.

  2. This combo looks lovely and easy tutorial Karishma :)

  3. So you finally did it :D This looks great for a first time :D I will try doing it with a nail art pen :P

  4. Nice tute Karishma :) Easy and chic

  5. please name the np. Great nail art :)

    1. Thank you hun. And I have just updated the post with name of the nail-paint.
      It's Sally Hansen's Coral Reef.

  6. Love it ! Just tried it out :D
    Congo doll you completely deserved the IBA.
    xoxo <3


  7. beautiful base shade and very neatly done

  8. That's so lovely done :) <3 it! :)

  9. This is so cute Karishma! I must try this!! :)

  10. thats lovely karishma! im in love with the shade of pink you've used :) great job

  11. loved these nails :)
    what a cool tutorial

  12. Very nice. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


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