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The 5 things you need to do in Chennai

Tamil Nadu
In the 24 hours that we spent in Chennai, we tried to take in as much of the pulsating city as possible. We reached Chennai in the evening after a daylong journey on the Chennai Express, and we were to board a train to Rameshwaram the very next day. Of course Chennai has innumerable things to do and places to see, but if you were on a time constraint as me and my friends were, this express guide may or may not be helpful to you.

But firstly, let me introduce you to my travel mates. They say “It’s not just about the journey, it’s about the company.” Well then Ramit with his phenomenal (personal joke *wink*) knowledge about food and travel, Nandini with her contagious laughter and the stupendously (another personal joke *wink wink*) poetic Arvind, were the best travel companions I could have asked for.

Chennai Egmore station

1. Get down at the right station. 

It seems like a 'duh' statement, I know, but you have to hear me out. Chennai Express’ last stop is Egmore station and we got down there. However the driver that was supposed to meet us was waiting for us at Central station. After half an hour of luggage dragging, lungi staring and trying to find each other, we realised the blunder. 

Chennai Mysore Pak Appam

2. Have Appam and Mysore Pak

Appam, which looks like a cross between a Dosa and Uttapam, is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. I had these blissful bowl shaped delicacies which are crispy at the edges and delightfully soft from the centre at Southern Spice, Taj. And of course, you cannot come to Chennai and not have Mysore Pak, which is made of sugar, besan (gram flour) and lots and lots of ghee.

Chennai Kapaleeshwarar temple
3.Visit the Kapaleeshwarar Temple

This splendid ancient Shiva temple which is situated in Mylapore is one of the oldest temples in Chennai. It is believed that the temple had been relocated from the seashore of Mylapore to its present day location in the 16th century. We were lucky enough to be able to attend a wedding that was taking place at the temple that day.

A shop near the Kapaleeshwarar temple

4. Have Idli at Murugan Idli and Biryani at Dindigul Thalappakatti

Chennai places to eat Murugan Idli
Murugan Idli is a well-known chain of restaurants in Chennai, which also has its branches in Madurai and Singapore(!). Do drop in this simple eating joint to savour local flavours of Chennai at an extremely reasonable price.

Chennai Biryani Dindigul Thalappakatti

Satiate your non-veg cravings with the famous Dindigul Biryani. I like my biryani fiery, and believe you me, I was not disappointed. It was the kind of biryani which will keep wandering in your thoughts, time and again.

5. Visit the Marina Beach (Ah! The Marina beach!)

Karishma Rawat Blog
Chennai Marina beach

Marina beach stretches for around 13 km along the Bay of Bengal and is the longest running beach in India. We reached here after sunset which made it difficult to take good pictures. However the serenity that I felt in the sea-smelling darkness of the Marina beach, amongst the ferocious waves crashing on the Tamil shore, is a memory that is going to be with me forever.

This is where we said goodbye to Chennai and left to catch our train to Rameshwaram. We had been traveling for more than two days and instead of being tired all I felt was a sweet exaltation, for we still had a long and enticing way to go till Kanyakumari.




  1. Hi Karishma :) You have intrigued me to visit Chennai :) It's one of the cities that I would not want to visit, but I guess every city has something nice to offer. Very well captured by you!

    1. Strangely enough, I forgot to take my camera out in Chennai, and have taken these pictures with my phone Renuka. Believe me my post is not doing justice to this compelling city at all.

  2. you look gorgeous in the second last pic :) nice post dear

  3. Karishma I love how you've captured Chennai. This definitely makes me want to go there!
    Craving for Idli and dosa right now! Haha!
    You look beautiful in the picture at Marina Beach! :*
    Enjoy yourself <3

  4. Loved your post Karishma! You covered up everything so well.
    And you look gorgeous as usual!

  5. Wow Karishma... I guess it will be your most memorable journey... happy to see how you guys freeked out there...

  6. Very well compiled and complemented with beautiful photographs...

  7. I am visiting chennai and Kanyakumari this month too. couldn't be a better timing for me to read this post .. Thanks for the tips .
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  8. Well..this is definitely not the Chennai I know :) Quite a different perspective :)
    BUt considering the time factor, obviously the options will be limited..
    You look V Nice in that pic in Marina beach... :)
    Except for the Kapeelashwar temple, I dont think You might have thought of photographing either, no wonder you forgot to take out your camera :P

    1. Oh wow you are from Chennai Tamanna? I could have taken some ideas from you about what to do in the city then. Hope you found this perspective of an outsider interesting. And to tell you the truth, I actually have taken a lot of fascinating shots in Chennai. :)

    2. I am not from Chennai, currently staying here for my Job purpose :)
      I did find this perspective interesting...It really made me think of how same thing have different impacts on people :)

    3. Regarding the Photographs, I have been to all these places but never took any pics yet :)

  9. wow the clicks are very nice! U captured everything very well! The temple surely looks like a must visit:)

  10. Karishma, I am from Chennai and going through this post made me so nostalgic :D Love the city to death!!!

    1. I didn't know you were from Chennai Supria :)

  11. So nice to read your post :)
    Hope you had mysore pak from Sri Krishna Sweets, they make the most mouth watering mysore paks.

    1. Thank you Sangeeta :)
      And I wish I had known about this place before.

  12. I've been to Chennai 3 times! It never seemed as much fun as you made it look.. So good!

    Defining Me

  13. I really enjoy reading such posts ! You did an amazing job.. very well written doll :D Love love love the pictures ! Muuaahh.. <3

  14. This was such a wonderful touristic view of Chennai, looks like a fantastic blend of color and culture!...I loved reading your fashionable insight on my last post, Thank you :)

  15. Loved readin the post. You bought out the good side of Chennai so well, and you look pretty in that shot :)

  16. OH wow, this was exciting. I do not think I will ever see this in my life so it is good to see it at least through your eyes! XOXO, sissi

  17. Lungi Staring! Ahaha :P

    Mysore Pak Looks So Yum! A Frnd of Mine Who Has Been To Chennai Many-a-Times Raves About The City,Especially From Women Safety Point of View

    You Look Soo Pwetty ^_^

  18. Love my city..u checked the right places

  19. This is such a lovely post! you should visit its neighbor as well, AP is fun fun too!

  20. Great post and you look so pretty hun <3

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, gfc and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know!! :)


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