Thursday, May 8, 2014

Four Seasons Wines Vineyards, Baramati

If at gunpoint I was ever asked to choose between “having excellent food and wine” or “traveling to incredible places” for a year, and I could only choose one or the other, with a heavy heart I would have to choose the former. I am that kind of a person.

It was a pleasantly cool, breezy night as I sat by the poolside of the Four Seasons Winery in Baramati, sipping on my glass of Sparkling Rosé. I had spent the day with wine specialists and enthusiasts going through the various stages of wine making in the Four Seasons Winery, savouring spectacular wine and food. And as they say, a day spent drinking good wine is a day well spent. (Okay “they” don’t say it, I say it, but who wouldn’t agree with me?)

I had wanted to visit the Four Seasons Vineyards ever since I had come to know about it at a wine tasting and was delighted to receive an invite to visit the vineyards right in the harvest season. The winery, which has been modelled on the French Château style, is an hour and a half’s drive from Pune near the village of Rotti, in the Baramati district of Maharashtra.

Chef Hitesh Gautam of Hyatt Bangalore had planned an exceptional food menu for our two day stay at the winery. My favourites were Coorg Chicken with Neer Dosa served with Shiraz and Jalebi Batter Coated Pinapple and Apple with Dhoodhi Halwa and Gulabjamun served with Chennin Blanc Late Harvest.  

The winery with “its fourteen suites, a large party deck overlooking the vineyards that can accommodate a thousand people, a swimming pool, a spa offering vinotherapy and a wine tasting room” would soon be open to general public and Wine Tourism. Seems like a perfect weekend getaway to me. What do you think?

To know more about the complete range of Four Seasons Wines, visit their website.




  1. wine at food it is!!..

  2. lovely clicks the post
    everything looks yum..

    my recent one :

  3. ooo I'd love to go there for a weekend!

  4. Lovely clicks! Looks like a great place :)

  5. Lovely clicks! Looks like a great place :)

  6. Nice clicks.. the food and the wine looks nice :)

  7. Beautiful pictures!
    Looks wonderful!
    I'm a complete wine person!


  8. WOW! awesome clicks.

  9. Not a wine person..yet am all ready for anywhere away from city hustle bustle !

  10. Looks like a great place to visit Karishma! :)


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