Friday, May 23, 2014

How I Met My Model- American Swan Beauty & The Blogger

(If you haven't already, you should probably read this first: How I Met My Model - Part 1)

*The year is 2035*
Me: So where was I?

Kids: You just told us how you met Aunt Audrey for the first time. And it all sounds really interesting mom, but.. hehe, we really need to be..

Me: Oh yes yes! And now I'll tell you all about the three days of the 'Beauty and the Blogger' shoot!

Sleep , sunscreen and good battery backup, is what I wish I could have had more of in the 3 days of gruelling social media updating and task competing in the #BeautyNBlogger house. One of my most prominent and painful memory of those three days is that of running around looking for a charging point, even after keeping a power-bank handy. I and all the fellow contestants were all tanned and sunburnt after shooting in the sun continuously. And I guess the most amount of sleep that I got was of four hours. *Sigh* But at times like this, I tell myself that 'At the end of your life, nobody remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.' And truly ‘Beauty and the Blogger’ has been one unforgettable experience for me.

While the host of the series Cyrus Sahukar had us in splits all the time ( 9 out of 10 things Cyrus says will have you 'Rolling On The Ground With Laughter'), Miss Malini mentored the Bloggers along with Anusha Dandedkar who mentored the Beauties. 

The competition kicked off by pairing the models and bloggers together, for which the models, who were looking sizzling hot in their American Swan swimsuits, were made to get sachets out of the swimming pool which contained names of bloggers and were being timed for the activity. As you know, the name that Audrey got out of the pool was mine, and she was the second fastest contestant to complete the task! And thus team #GingerSnaps was formed.

Audrey is a team-player, and I was extremely happy to be paired with her. Not only is she fabulous with her modelling skills, she is great person to work with. Above are some shots of Audrey that I clicked for a task, and oh my does she look gorgeous. 

Adventure task, Talent round, Bollywood night, the 8 teams were made to compete through all kinds of activities that had us up on our toes throughout our stay at The Corinthians. All the running around, ceaseless social updating and sleeplessness finally paid off as me and Audrey ranked number in the overall results of the 'On Ground' tasks! 

Ecstatic as me and Audrey were, we knew the online battle was still left. For the next month the episodes of 'Beauty And The Blogger' went live on FameBoxFashion Channel on Youtube, and guess who finally won the series.....

Kids: Okay mom we are getting late for meeting our friends, we'll see you when we get back okay. Bye!!

Me: Wait, I still have not told you who the winners of the series were.. Kids!! Ah nevermind.. Maybe next time then...

Hair:TRESemme Makeup:Lakme Styling by: Stylecracker


So this was how I imagine I will harass my kids by telling them my life stories. But yeah, the game is still on as the 8 Model-Blogger teams will be competing online for the next month. Do follow all the action on FameBoxNetwork‘s YouTube channel and my twitter account. And thank you so much for supporting team #GingerSnaps, your words of encouragement gave me and Audrey immense optimism and confidence all throughout the competition!




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