Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Six Awesome Tips For Buying Makeup Online

by Shalini Verma

Buying makeup online is one of the best ways to save money. Every product imaginable is available. Not only is shopping convenient, there are countless sites and apps to help you with your search. However, along with the advantages there are a few complications. The following six tips are designed to help you navigate through the online world of cosmetics while saving money. 

1. Where to shop:
Let’s face it, make-up is expensive. Most brands in department and drug-stores are costly. By following these few suggestions, it becomes possible to find quality trademarks for less (often at a 30-40% savings). Recognizing where to shop is important. Many online stores cost as much as local shops; so you’ll need to be selective and take the time to do a little research.

2. Shop the best sites:
Find a site you can trust, one that is secure and where you can safely use your American Express India credit cards. Sites like Ulta and Sephora have earned solid reputations for their complete product lines. Although it may seem like you can save money on smaller sites, they don’t always offer the same quality, guarantees, benefits, and shopping rewards that established brand-sites provide. 

3. Check it out:
Before you decide to make a purchase, check it out. Normally, if you are purchasing an item that you are satisfied with, you won’t run into problems when you purchase this product from a trustworthy site. Check out sites where you can observe colors, check details, and compare makeup lines. It helps to look for items that are ‘top sellers’; other customer’s positive experiences can help you. Typically these ‘best sellers’ are the most complementary shades available.

4. Amazon.com:
Amazon is a good source for inexpensive cosmetics. Usually these products have been purchased in bulk and the seller is able to offer them at reduced prices; eBay often carries discontinued items. However, watch for inflated shipping fees and compare prices with sellers who provide free shipping.  

5. Color Swatches and Videos:
Keep in mind that brand colors are not always accurate displayed on your monitor. Check makeup samples whenever possible. Several blogs provide cosmetic swatches. It is also possible to find YouTube videos that provide reviews for products. Temptalia.com is a popular website that has gallery-swatches and matrixes, allowing customers to review and assess cosmetic and product lines.

6. Amazon and Blog Reviews:
Once again, a good place to find information is on make-up blogs. Customer reviews vary and, overall, bloggers tend to have more experience testing products. Reviews on sites, such as Amazon, can be more confusing than helpful as there is often a wide range of differing opinions about the various items.
Purchasing cosmetics online is a great way to save money, especially when you follow these basic tips.  Like anything else, a little research generally pays off in the long run. And, before you know it, you’ll be buying your makeup online like a pro! 



  1. those are really great tips K!!

  2. Hi! I have been living in India a year but wait until I'm home in the US to buy sephora as I can go in the store and try on make up to make ssure I like it. Does the one in Delhi ship in India yet?

    1. I am not sure about it Rachel, but as far as I have heard they don't.

  3. This will definitely be helpful. Thanks:))


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