Friday, June 20, 2014

5 Awesome Natural Skincare Products by Tattva

“68 percent of what we put on our body is absorbed by our body. Why should we let our body absorb harmful chemicals when nature has blessed us with infinite natural ingredients to benefit from.” –Shabia Walia, Founder and Owner of the brand ‘Tattva’

Now doesn’t this statement make you think twice about all the products that are lying in your beauty pantry? I recently came across Tattva, a brand which makes
chemical free, natural and handcrafted products, and boy am I glad that I did! Tattva was founded by Shabia Walia in January this year, with the intention of providing natural products at reasonable prices. These
products are handmade from natural ingredients, and are 100% chemical free which makes them 100% more appealing and wonderful to me. My favorite Tattva products will have to be the 'Honey Almond Face Scrub', and the heart shaped 'Lemon Bath Bombs.'

Here are 5 awesome products from Tattva that everyone has been talking about, and that have made Tattva a loved and trusted brand in such a short span of time :

Lemony Soap and Scrub Bath Bombs 

Tattva's heart shaped 'Lemony Soap and Scrub Bath Bombs' are packed with the goodness of sugar, soap, lemon and natural oils, these double up as soap and scrubs both leaving your skin moisturised and soft!! These also make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. Available in sets of a dozen. Shapes, Colours and Flavours can be customised.


Tattva Body Lotions 

Tattva's 'Cooling Aloe Vera Body Lotion' is a light non-greasy yet mositurising body lotion for summers. With the goodness of aloe vera, shea butter and almond oil, this one leaves your skin soft and supple. Tattva's 'Soothing Lavender Body Lotion' is a super luxurious body lotion with the wonderful fragrance of lavender. Great for your skin, Great for your senses.


Tattva's Honey Almond Face Scrub

A face ­scrub ideal for oily skin. The lemon juice reduces the oily skin while almonds and honey nourish and balance out the skin.


Vanilla Cinnamon Body Scrub  

A wonderful smelling body scrub. The vanilla gives a great start to your mornings. Scrub, exfoliate, feel fresh and come out smelling like a million bucks.


Scrubby Soap Bars 

When women complained that they had no time to scrub, cleanse and moisturise everyday, we got thinking and came up with a three in one. Introducing our very own 'Scrubby Soap Bars' which has an exfoliant, a soap and a moisturiser combined. Now have a normal bath everyday with these bars and get benefits of all three in one go. With crushed almonds as exfoliant, gentle soap with essential oils to lather up and shea butter as moisturiser, this one's sure yo be one helluva bath. Now scrub, clean, moisturise everyday without investing extra time



You can buy Tattva products from their Website and also on Natural Mantra. While I may not be ready to toss out every chemically-laden cream and face-wash that I own, I am going natural, one product at a time. What about you?




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