Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY : How To Replicate Hairstyles Of Famous FIFA WAGs

by TRESemmé

FIFA 2014 is here! In just two days from now, world’s best football players will begin the battle for the sport's ultimate prize - the WORLD CUP TROPHY.
While the most talented football stars will be seen battling for the top spot, off the field, their glamorous better halves - wives and girlfriends - are expected to start a glamour riot of their own.
Expect them to flaunt the latest global trends from head to toe!
Marcus Francis, official stylist TRESemmé, spots the famous WAG’s unique styles and shows you how to kick off the soccer season on a glamorous note!

Shakira's Side Swept Wavy Hairdo

If you love to experiment with different kinds of waves, Marcus shows you how to flaunt the perfect side swept waves.

  1.  Wash and condition your hair thoroughly with TRESemmé Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner
  2.     Blow dry hair with a large barrel brush to give movement to your hair
  3.     Use small or medium tongs depending on the size of the curls desired. Work with four sections each side, depending on hair length and alternating by curling one section clockwise and the next anti-clockwise
  4.     For the side sweep: use a paddle brush and firmly brush from the crown up and over left to right, avoiding the waves from the ear down by bringing them around the nape and over gently by hand 

Irina's High volume ponytail

A high volume ponytail looks glamorous with anything from a gown to pair of denims.

1.   Wash and condition your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner
2.     Blow dry your hair straight and part out the crown section of your hair
3.     Backcomb the section at the crown working towards the front to get volume
4.    Brush all the hair back at the nape of the nape of the in a ponytail and secure with an elastic band

Bruna Marquezine’s Dainty Side Bun

If you are feminine and love to flaunt soft looks, try an elegant side bun hairdo in just a few easy steps.

1.      Begin by choosing a right side part and brush a section of hair from the front straight down and to the side, creating a dramatic side-swept bang
2.     Pin to the side, teasing the hair a bit at the crown for a little lift, and smooth it out with your brush
3.     Divide hair in half into a top and bottom. Pin the top up on top of your head. Create a low, messy side bun behind your right ear by pulling all the hair through once then pull back through again, but only halfway. Twist the hair tie once more and pull half of the bun through. Pin around the edges to secure your bun
4.     Release the top section and twist it all the way to the end. Wrap your twist clockwise around your bun and pin the end securely

Antonia Roccuzzo’s Glamorous curls

Dress your long hair in extreme chic style with the glamorous curls. These will make head turn and how!

1.      Separate freshly washed damp hair into small sections, apply an extra-long spiral curler towards the end of your hair strands to create soft waves
2.     Curl your hair in a way that you create waves spiraling in different directions.
3.     Leave your hair to dry naturally. Once your hair has dried, you can take out the curlers
4.     Take a smoothing brush and use with your hairdryer on a low setting to smooth and coax your curls into fabulous flowing waves



  1. Wow, love these style, waiting for today's match <3

  2. Awesome compilation dear :) i love these hairstyles :) keep in touch

  3. Lovely post Karishma, These hairstyles look so good :)


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