Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tip Tip Barsa Fashion - Inorbit Mall

Psst.. I have a confession to make. No this is not a part of the forgotten ‘Saturday Confessions’ series that I used to post here, and this may be something that might seem bizarre, but the truth is, I am terrible at shopping. All the myriad of choices which are supposed to make shopping pleasurable for us, drive me crazy! I can spend hours contemplating whether I want a dress in red or blue (FYI, both is never a good idea.) You can only imagine what my stress levels were when I was given a challenge at Inorbit Mall to create a monsoon look while being timed!

Left - Vero Moda, Right Top and Bottom Pic - Only

Take a look at how Bhawna, Megha, Zubi and I try to make the most of the one and a half hour allotted to us, in this video




  1. Love how it came together in the picture! I think you did great!


  2. Great post, love the Vero Moda collection, you did a great job honey <3


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