Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Bapp Of All Apps: ASKME (Review)

by Parth Zutshi

Askme review

Just got a cool update on my very handy android device, but this wasn’t a firmware update, this was an app update for the “Baap of all App’s.” If you are familiar with the tag line, you must have understood that I am talking about the ASKME application. For many of you who have already downloaded ASKME and are using it, you would know this app’s benefits. But for the people who are yet to download it, I should tell you that you are missing out on a lot of convenience. 

Search for businesses near you
Get great deals offered by your favorite local businesses
Latest classifieds on mobile, jobs, cars, real estate and more
Add reviews, photos, and tips for your favorite businesses
Make your own listings of your favorite local businesses
Read reviews to know about good businesses (and not so good) in your city
Share favorite businesses with friends via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter
Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, and call them instantly from ASKME app
Additional Business information, such as ratings, payment methods and opening hours, to help make your choice easier

ASKME makes your daily life and your everyday errands quicker and hassle free. This app enables its user to look for all kinds of businesses, merchants, places to shop, places for leisure, places to visit, places to eat and drink down to the daily classifieds in the area of choice, all in one place! It also assists you in finding latest and used cars, bikes, electronics, classifieds of job openings, real estate listings with their addresses and phone numbers and the latest deals. You can socially connect on this app and share deals of your liking with your friends or with people who could be interested in availing those deals. It also has the feature of sharing your experiences by reviews and pictures with others who can take notes and move forward accordingly. ASKME has recently been freshened and improved by bug fixes, better design, and a few tweaks in the User Interface.  

I would rate ASKME APP a solid 4.5 out of 5.  It is rather helpful and easy to use, plus it’s easy on my data pack. Don’t think too much and download it. If you have an android device, I am sure you have scores of apps that you don’t even use. Why not download this one, which will take place of a lot of those apps. You never know, it just might get you out of a pickle.



  1. Waah waah Parth, great write up :D

  2. lol...I love Ranbir Kapooor's advert of this app..
    already the app..

  3. It great to know about it!


  4. Seems like a cool app! Would try it out soon :)
    New post up on my blog -


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