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It’s no secret that my hair has not been.... let's just say that cooperative with me this year. You must have heard me complaining about it time and again on twitter. On top of that I have not visited a salon for any kind of hair treatment for the longest time. Now in my last post I had mentioned that I have pledged to take better care of my hair from now on, for which I have already started following a healthier diet and oiling my hair regularly. This week I wanted to take my hair resurrection to the next level and decided to visit the MATRIX Technical Studio, where I was suggested to try their Biolage Advanced RepairInside treatment.   

About the Treatment:

Now don’t cut your damaged hair . . . simply reconstruct it!

Biolage Advanced RepairInside is the 1st DUAL REPAIR TREATMENT that reconstructs hair from inside & outside. It brings together the goodness of Nature with Soya Oil and the power of Molecular Science with Arginine to effectively repair damaged hair. These rich ingredients help in creating a powerful combination to reconstruct damaged protein from inside and restore the cuticle shield from outside.

My Experience: 

At the MATRIX Studio I was met by MATRIX Hair Expert Faiyaz Shaikh, who after giving a disapproving look at my damaged ends and lackluster hair suggested the Biolage Advanced RepairInside treatment. MATRIX claims this range to be the ultimate reconstructive haircare range for damaged hair with formulas which have been designed specifically for Indian hair.

The treatment started with a quick hair wash with the Advanced RepairInside Shampoo, followed by the application of the Hyperdose Concentrate that had to be left on my hair for a few minutes. After this step the masque from the same range was applied to my hair followed by a long and relaxing head massage. (And oh boy what a relaxing massage it was!) Above are the pictures of how my hair looked after rinsing and styling. My hair looked healthier and felt oh-so-smooth! 

I will highly recommend this treatment to all those who want to give their damaged hair a new life!  To get a hair consultation and find the treatment suitable for your hair woes, you can find a MATRIX salon near you here.

Until next time!

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  1. I was planning to get a hair treatment done... Surely will try this as per your recommendation... :) Thanks


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