Saturday, January 10, 2015


I have to admit that I had become rather safe *ahem.. boring.. ahem* with my hairstyles and other decisions regarding my mane. But I had my reasons! There was a time, when I had colored my hair like a maniac. It had all started with my fascination with red hair which resulted in me purchasing a hair color kit and coloring my hair by myself. I am not proud of this fact, but I had done this without my parents’ permission, it was the start of my rebellious teenager phase you see. I was a happy red-head for two years (which meant constant touch ups with different shades of red and burgundy), after which my experiments led me to the colors light brown, dark brown, electric blue and finally to cover the horrid effect of the electric blue coming off, dark brown once again. After which I had reached my saturation point for coloring my hair and no longer wished to do so.

Going through the Lakme’s  Show Stopping Hair Collection catalogue, a collection of hairstyles specially crafted by Lakme experts fit for the most stylish runways of the world, made me change my mind. And I finally colored my hair again after 4 years!

On my lips: Lakme 9 to 5 Rose Review
Till a day before my #HairIsFashion Makeover, I was contemplating on going for red streaks. But the day I entered the Lakmé Absolute Salon in Bandra, my mind was made to go with some color from the brown family. I had a consultation session with my stylist Komal and we decided to go for caramel highlights, face framing layers, side fringes, chopping off my length in order to get more volume and a hairstyle that is easy to manage without using heat. We also decided to not go for a global color because my natural hair color is dark brown the highlight color we chose seemed to go well with my natural hair color.

The whole consultation, coloring and styling process lasted for about three hours. I never thought I would say this, but it actually felt good chopping off the length of my hair. In the final look that you see, Komal blow dried the bangs and front layers, used a hairstyling product to scrunch the rest of the hair and left it to dry naturally. I L-O-V-E my hair makeover! For this I have to give full props to my stylist Komal, for giving me the hairstyle that suits me so well! 

Have a look at the Show Stopping Hair Collection here, and decided for yourself if you can resist these rad hair makeovers. You can also personalize the hair styles according to your personal preferences and requirements like I did. 

P.S. My dear friend Magali has covered her hair makeover in this vlog in which I make a guest appearance as well!



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