Monday, March 16, 2015


Black Lace Blazer: Tibetan Market near Great Stupa, Dehradun
Nautical Striped Shirt: Street-shopped from Lokhandwala
Sunglasses: Street-shopped from Dehradun | Orange Crush Bag: StalkBuyLove
Jeans: Stolen from my niece Pinky (who was also forced to click pictures for this post)

All my life I thought one day I would get to realize how brilliant I am at.. at.. something. Anything. Isn’t this what everyone wishes for, rising above the mundaneness and averageness of an ordinary life? Well that never happened. All I am is a little above or below average in everything I do. Basking in the glory of my mediocrity, I am content now. In fact, I am becoming so good at being mediocre, that one day I may be the best at it (wink.)



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  1. Great post! Love the outfit!


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