Tuesday, April 21, 2015


by Shalini Verma

So have you recently been trying to weigh in that which  skin care products make a perfect choice for you? Is it that you zeroed in on Obagi Skin Care systems but just didn't know how to determine the pros and cons before finally investing in these? Your friends might have had dramatic results while some might have not too. But here's how you should weigh whether or not the Obagi NuDerm products are the perfect choice for you.
So the first pro is that it works. What gets better than a skin product that has actually delivered its promises? Haven't you already wasted money on so many that are not effective in the least? Well so, weighing on that scale, the Obagi NuDerm system is most definitely effective and you'd have noticed drastic changes in the user's skin, specially in women aged 30-65. It does away with not just their age spots but also keeps their skin free of sunspots and they look as youthful and radiant as ever.
You know why it had not worked on that friend of a friend? Well, Obagi Skin care system is a treatment that requires to religiously use the products as specified on a regular bases. That is the hard part, to make sure you follow the instructions and never miss a day. It is some real work. Also, while you look at women using Obagi Skin system, make sure you enquire for how long are they using it. It is no magic potion to deliver results overnight. Also there is a certain phase when the skin starts peeling, when your dead dull skin is being replaced by skin that is  glowing and radiant skin.
One Obagi cycle is essentially six weeks long and 3 cycles are what it takes to deliver the best results. So 18 weeks it is and you find your skin renewed. The peeling off would happen over the first 2-6 weeks and No, you can't do away with it since it is essential for you to let the old skin peel and fall off. It is only then that it will unleash youthful, regenerated and smoother skin. During the peel however you might feel awfully red. Like really really red.
So if that is no problems with you, and you think you can get through the phase when your dead and dull skin will peel off, you must never again think of not using the Obagi NuDerm products since they'd mostly be everything you've wished for to make it a miracle for your skin.
Now the cons of the Obagi Nu Derm System. Well for one, they might not suit everyone's pocket. Yes, you may get good bargains online, but the bargains are never good enough to call the Obagi products cheap by any means. But when has high quality skin care come in cheap anyways. Remember the time when you managed to procure those cosmetics for so cheap only to regret later since they caused you to break out? You don't want that to happen again. Do you?
As long as you can settle for spending that amount on Obagi, and trust me it may not be cheap but it is neither spending a fortune. There is no other thought you need to render to whether or not should you use the Obagi NuDerm products. Of course, you might think twice if you are apprehensive about the skin-peeling phase. Unless that's the issue, use Obagi Nuderm products and see for yourself the magic they create on your skin. Yes, the comfort provided by the treatment later, would  make the skin-peeling phase only a very small cost to pay. So unleash the beautiful you.

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