Monday, June 1, 2015

Obagi | Use of Tretonoin to treat severe skin blemishes and wrinkles

by Shalini Verma

Obagi Clear products and treatments are formulated specially to treat serious skin problems like severe wrinkles, dark blemishes, uneven skin tone as well as acne scarring. Most of these problems are linked to excessive exposure to the sun however some of these ailments may also be linked to your diet, age or genetics.
Skin problems, especially those evident of the face cause anxiety and stress to a lot of people. No wonder the cosmetics and skin care cream departments do such wondrous businesses all over the world.
Obagi Systems for Skin rejuvenation:
Obagi, over the course of last two decades has gained in the market a reputation for effective treatment of various skin issues including extreme cases and as a result they are a popular choice with people suffering from discoloration and scarring. Obagi Products are sold with medical offices including those of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
About Tretinoin
Tretinoin , an acidic form of Citamin A is responsible for how skin cells develop. Specifically, tretinion increases the speed of skin cell production and suppresses the creation of cells that are responsible for producing pigments. The new skin cells are thus evenly coloured, are radiant and appear younger with no apparent wrinkles. The products are available in cream as well as gel form in various concentrations.
Applications and use if Tretinoin
Using tretinoin may result in flaking and redness of the skin. This is however no cause of worry and rather indicated that the product is working properly by creating new cells and removing all ones. These symptoms however must subside in ten days. The skin sensitivity to sunlight will also increase and thus a high protecting sun screen must be used at all times and exposure to sun must be avoided.
The product should be applied at night and must be removed after half an hour of application. You must not expect immediate results as they will be evident only after 9 to 12 weeks of daily application and continue to improve for months from them. It will however not treat or reverse aging skin or sun damage to your skin. The FDA recommends pregnant women against the use of tretinoin and use must also be avoided by women wishing to conceive.
Obagi - Use of Tretinoin Cream and gel
The Obagi Skin Care system utilizes a number of steps to be followed serially to help prepare, improve as well as rejuvenate the layers of skin with long lasting results. Tretinoin, in the Obagi System is combined and prescribed with a list of other products as a part of multi product treatment.
Obagi ELASTIderm Decolletage System for example is specially designed to treat neck and chest skin for discolouration, wrinkles, blemishes etc. Depending on the level of desired results, tretinoin too may be prescribed as a part of treatment to provide better, long lasting and effective results in a shorter period of time. Obagi retails its Obagi Branded Tretinoin gel and cream through its physician resellers.
Tretinoin may be your call for effective skin results in a jiffy, but due to highly active ingredients it is advisable to use it based only on prescription or recommendation by the doctor. Better safe than sorry.

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