Monday, July 27, 2015

Dining Etiquette Around The World | Femina Believe

I was recently invited to a Femina Believe dining etiquette workshop at Hakkasan, where I spent a lovely afternoon with friends while learning the do’s, the don’ts and some pretty interesting facts about dining etiquettes. Here is how to avoid unintentional blunders at the dining table around the world:

Sharing food is considered polite.
Use the fork only to assist you to push food onto your spoon, avoid eating with it.
Do not eat the last bite off your plate or from the central serving plate; avoid refilling your glass yourself.

It is not a tradition to offer tips in China.
Belching and slurping are not considered rude; in fact belching and slurping are considered as appreciation for the meal!
Do not stick your chopsticks upright into your food; this practice is associated to the funeral traditions of China.

Wait for the host to say "Buòn appetito!" before taking the first bite.
Italians do not add cheese to their seafood.
Avoid milk beverages after meals, go for an espresso instead.

Do not split the bill.
Rest your wrists (not elbows) on the table, not on your lap.
Tear your bread into bite-sized pieces and never bite directly into it. 

Of course the most essential components of a splendid meal are good conversations and great company. So do not get intimidated by these points, as I am sure no one will be offended by a mistake that is committed unintentionally. 

A big highlight of that afternoon for me was learning to use chopsticks! And would you believe it, by the end I became so good at using chopsticks that I along with Reeneta won a contest where we had to pick peanuts with chopsticks! (Okay it was mostly Reeneta’s expertise that made us win, but I was ecstatic to be a part of the winning challenge nevertheless.) 

Femina Believe launches a selection of short thorough workshops in subjects like:
  • Makeup: Empower yourself with techniques to overcome your self-consciousness and skillfully apply makeup for every occasion.
  • Styling: Understand the nuances of styling to make the right outfit choices based on various parameters.
  • Dining etiquette: Be assured to dazzle by learning the elements and characteristics of graceful dining.
  • Communication skills & body language: Nurture personal and professional relationships with the ability to project the right personality.
Femina Believe workshops are currently conducted in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR.


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