Saturday, August 1, 2015

In Pursuit Of The Perfect Selfie

By now most of us are aware of the importance of taking a good selfie in the 21st century, and any selfie enthusiast will agree with me when I say that taking a good selfie requires efforts and skills. (Unless you are Aishwarya of course, then you can look magnificent 24/7.) Now we all may not look fabulous all the time like Aish, but at least our selfies can! Let’s talk about how to take that perfect, marvelous, sensational selfie today, shall we?

I cannot stress enough on the importance of good lighting while taking selfies, or any kind of photo for that matter. Unless you are trying to go for a dramatic or shadowy effect, stand facing the light source. Natural lighting works best for selfies, and I always try to click selfies in a place with ample amount of sunlight. Trust me when I say this, good lighting flatters your face more than any kind of makeup or filter.

If you know what angle/profile works best for you, you can save a lot of time! Now that doesn’t mean that you need to work the same angle in every single picture; but some angles are certainly more flattering for your face than others. Also, holding the camera slightly above the eye level compliments most people. 

If you are someone who thinks only good looks go into making a good selfie, then you are wrong my friend. In this video Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and a few more beautiful ladies show that even they make use of a few tricks when it comes to taking a good selfie, even after being extraordinarily beautiful! Didn’t I tell you taking selfies is a skill?

Keeping in mind the needs of our selfie-obsessed generation, Asus has come up with the perfect companion for taking selfies, the Zenphone Selfie.  ZenFone Selfie’s front-facing PixelMaster camera has a huge 13MP resolution and an exceptional wide-angle lens to capture more of every smile. It has a unique Selfie Panorama mode, with which one can shoot selfies with an outlook of up to 140 degrees — so everything and everyone is part of your shot. The Zenphone Selfie is going to be launched in India in a few days, head over to their website to know more about the phone.

And the most important rule of taking a good selfie is.. to have fun! What would be the point of clicking and sharing selfies unless they make you and your friends smile and cherish memories? Go take over the world my friends, one fabulous selfie at a time!



  1. Interesting :)

    Judging by the pics that u post, u shud be thinking more on the lines of portfolio shoots :)


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