Monday, December 21, 2015


by Parth Zutshi

The first mobile phone that I ever owned was a “Siemens – C25”, back in 2001. Well, I did not own it personally, it was my father’s. It was a fascinating piece of equipment. Making calls wirelessly, sending text messages, a digital, and easy to carry phonebook. No games mind you. This was the time when the era of mobile phones really started in India. The everyday common person started to buy and possess their own personal mobile phone. Starting from the urban metropolitans and now to the rural remote villages, people everywhere carry a mobile phone. This has happened at a phenomenal pace. The advancement in mobile phone technology was as rapid as the increase in the number of mobile phone users.

I never did or could imagine that I could take pictures on my wireless phone let alone the 2 million other things that I actually use it for now. The number of mobile phone users is still raising rapidly and with it the benchmark for how better or advanced a mobile phone can be. In 2015 mobile phone networks brought 4G to our mobile phone devices and into our lives. Never before had we seen such staggering speeds that have made anything and everything available instantaneously to the user on their mobile phones.

 I like to keep up with the latest gadgets so not having a 4G enabled phone was quite a drag, especially after seeing what 4G was like. I decided to upgrade and logged on to Flipkart to buy myself a cool new (4G enabled) mobile phone, as one can always find exclusive deals and more offers online as compared to mobile stores. Let me tell you, I took my time to go through the numerous types of phones available on Flipkart. After much deliberation, review watching and personal reviews from my friends, I finally decided on OnePlus One and bought it. Having a cool new phone doesn’t suck at all. I am on it all day from the time I get up till the time I sleep and so are my friends for that matter.  They use it when they have to stream a video, take HD pictures and record 1080p videos or play games.

These are fascinating times. I’ve been saying this since 2001, and come on they are!  Let’s just wait and watch what new amazing things our little pocket device will be capable of in future.    


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