Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Would fashion hold the same charm if it did not provide us with the freedom to express our individuality? Not for me. That is why I am digging the new POP Swatch collection that has come out with 9 quirky and customizable watches for you to tell time your own way. The collection comes with pop-out heads and accessories. You can Clip it, Mount it, Magnify it or Wear it in a new way every single day. A POP can become a watch, a desk clock, a pocket watch, a necklace or even a wall clock!

The POP was first launched in 1986 and has been brought back as it is regarded as one of Swatch’s best-loved inventions. My favorite of the lot has to be the bold and bright POPover which reveals the internal dial work. Have a look at the entire POP Swatch collection and accessories here, and let me know which one pops up your imagination.


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