Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Into the Deep Blue Seas with Breitling

There’s something about being underwater that seems to make time slow down to a strangely surreal pace.How then, can you keep track of time, submerged? Thankfully, dive watches emerged as an awesome check on the theory of relativity, meticulously keeping time even when it seems to spin (or swim) out of control.

What’s the deal with nautical watches?

Amateurs (okay, I’m just being polite, what I really mean is, ignorant fools!), tend to mistake dive watches to be just any other sports watch. Let me stop you right there. Before we dive deep into the depths (yes, watch out for more water puns) of nautical watches, allow me to set the record straight. Dive watches are NOT ordinary sports watches. Dive watches are actually undoubtedly among the most sturdy, reliable and intricate pieces of timekeeping machinery you’re likely to come across. Ever. Period. Why?

While dive watches boast of insanely unbelievable water resistance, that’s not the only feature they pack. As a consequence of the fact that these watches are crafted especially for deep water diving, they’re also designed to withstand immense levels of pressure, without affecting the functioning. Bottom line, dive watches are super dependable, hardy, and, not to mention, absolutely stunning. Now that we’ve cleared that out! Let’s get down to business.

Where can you find the best nautical watches?

Who leads the charts when it comes to nautical timekeeping? It’s a debatable topic, and I’m sure I’ve stirred up quite the argument among aficionados, but in my (very personal) opinion, dive watches by Breitling are your best bet. Take a look at Breitling Watch collections at a trusted store like, say, Ethos Watch Boutiques, and you’ll know just what I’m saying. But if you need more convincing, read on.

Here’s a look at some favourites from Breitling’s nautical collection:

Breitling Avenger A1733110/I519/169A

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Breitling takes the concept of ‘deep’ sea diving to a whole new level with this one –boasting water resistance of up to 3000 whopping metres!

As the brilliant yellow dial and luminescent markers lead the way effortlessly to 10000 feet underwater, the Breitling Avenger II Seawolf emerges as the undisputed king of the deep blue. Guaranteed top grade technical performance and power make the Seawolf the gear of choice for serious super-divers. But if you’re in the mood to sit out the big dive, it promises to work just as great on land, or even air!

Breitling Superocean A73310A8/BB72/160A

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Here’s a beast that looks ready to conquer the deep blue seas!

A champion underwater, the winning feature of this model is its patented magnetic pushpiece system –making it a first-of-its-kind automatic chronograph that can hold its own 2000 metres underwater. The 4mm sapphire crystal casing assures amammoth sturdiness. In plain English –it’s a wicked piece of equipment perfect for diving professionals.

Though even if you don’t intend to go wandering 2000 metres into the ocean, you can still strap on this beauty for a super sporty style statement or simply because it’s a beautiful machine, inside and out!

Breitling Superocean A17392D8/C910/162A

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An exemplary timepiece from the Superocean lineage, this one’s got all the right shades of blue to blend in beautifully with the seas. The dark blue bezel and the bright blue dial are testament to Breitling watches’ love for all things nautical –from colour to craft.

Distinct, large luminescent hour markers make it easy to read time underwater. The sturdy sapphire crystal glass ensures no water seeps in, keeping it functioning brilliantly.

Designed to weather it out as a diving watch, the model is of course geared to be water resistant up to 1000 metres. But the thing I love most about this timepiece is the stainless steel bracelet and traditional build. It’s got a really professional yet sporty feel about it, which you could easily pull off even in a corner office high up on the 54th floor!

Breitling Superocean Heritage U1732112/BA61/435X/A20BA.1

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Here’s a timepiece I’d definitely recommend to the kind of person who loves a bit of glam with their sports. The glint of the rose gold ring around the bezel catches the eye enticingly, and you’re immediately swept into a little moment of gaga romance. Then your eyes move over the gorgeous leather strap and the simplistic yet sophisticated dial, and you know you’re in love! The Superocean Heritage range adds a smart and chic aesthetic edge to the otherwise exquisite technology behind Breitling watches’ nautical watchmaking.

Breitling watches may have been first known for its expertise in aviation. But over the years, the brand has found its ground (or its ocean bed?) in the (underwater) world of nautical watches. I’d love me a little high fashion when I’m out snorkeling, wouldn’t you?

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