Friday, November 18, 2016

Five Incredible Things To Do In Kerala

by Akanksha Narang

House Boat on Ashtamudi lake ( Picture by Lenish)

When the city drenched you in its screams, the pace of life seems to be out doing yours, it is indeed time to take a break. The reasons can be any: destination wedding, honeymoon, a well-deserved break. The place however is one -God's own abode - Kerala. Take a dive into this beauty's tranquility and you will find yourself breaking the chains of stress and disharmony. Holiday away your anxiety and hold your loved one in this magical paradise. 
Here's what you can look forward to in a Kerala holiday.

Houseboat Loving

Whoever said Paris is the most romantic place on earth hasn't rowed a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. Absorb the mesmerizing of the bucolic landscape, gaze into the tranquil waters that reflect Mother Nature’s love. All this while indulging your gastronomic senses in the delicious food served on a platter of love.

Snake boat Races

Snake boats during the Aranmula Uthrattathi Boat Race. Picture by Arun Sinha 

We've seen this enchanting phenomenon in movies, wherein the hero has to pro e his mettle by winning the tough and tedious race (and the girl!) Experience this enigmatic scene up and close in Kerala giving your holiday an exotic twist. Head straight to Alapuzzha for a fun filled day via Alleppey.

Tree House Tales

Make your childhood fantasies a sizzling reality: live in a tree house! Make certain you add this in your Kerala tour package when you head to Munnar. Add a dash of adventure to the fairy-tale with activities such as rappelling, mountain biking and nature walks.

Hills around the tea plantations, Munnar. Picture By Yusuf
Varkala Beach

Aromatic Spice Gardens

While you're in Munnar, indulge in the aromatic brilliance of the spice plantations. Cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla will lure your senses into a state of bliss. It's difficult to gauge whether it is more mouth-watering or captivating while you get tempted to steal a whiff. Retire back in your tree house as the sun sets, enjoying a cup of cinnamon tea with your sweetie. Pleasant!

Mineral Springs in Varkala

Take a dip in the mineral water springs and let your Kerala holiday health you in and out. Stroll on the beach, watching the blushing skies filled with the warmth of the setting sun. Experience self-love in a way that is not just novel but also truly yours.

There is so much to do in Kerala and so little you can accomplish in one holiday! Whether you love an adrenaline rush or a satiating serenity, there is something to nurture every soul. Get your itinerary ready with a customized Kerala tour package of all things you love and be ready to refresh all your senses in one fell swoop!

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