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Let's face it! Good skin care products are pretty pricey. Especially the herbal or natural skin care products. So if you are someone with sensitive skin or someone who prefers to stay away from chemicals (we all know skin care products have a ton of them). It's also a tricky task finding proper skin care products which actually work for you and completely suit your skin.
    Get ready to raid your pantry cabinets because here we have for you all some awesome natural recipes for skin. Let's get started!

Papaya Seeds and Honey Mask
You already know that eating papaya is great for your digestive system and also for your skin. But did you know that the seeds of the papaya fruit which we mercilessly throw away (who else have heard that we go blind if we eat them?) are also great for your skin. Papaya seeds have anti-aging and acne fighting properties. They also help in brightening your skin.
Honey, as we know is a boon for skin care. It has antibacterial, nourishing and hydrating properties. It has been used as a face wash for the longest time.
Grind the papaya seeds and mix some honey with it to form a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and neck. Leave it on for about 15 minutes or so. Do not let it dry completely. Massage it properly and wash it off.

Avocado Cream and Honey
Oh, Avocado! That creamy melt-in-your-mouth yumminess. Put it in your sandwiches, salads and your face. Yes! You heard it right. This amazing fruit is super moisturizing and has both Vitamin C and E which are great for your skin.
Mash some Avocado and mix honey and fresh cream or malai to make a yummy looking creamy pack *No don't eat that haha*. Apply this mask and say hello to soft moisturized skin.

Clove Paste and Honey
If you have super oily acne prone skin, then trust me when I say that I understand your pain. The uninvited and frequent popping of pimples can be quite frustrating. Zap those pimples with this spot treatment. Apply this mix topically on your pimples and watch it work its magic.  This is going to be a bit tingly but be patient.

Yogurt and Beetroot
Here's another one for acne and moisturizing your skin. Mix yogurt, beetroot juice, honey and lemon juice and apply it on your face. Honey will work its antibacterial magic on those pesky pimples. Lemon and yogurt together are brightening and moisturizing. Now some people can be allergic to lemon, so skip it if you are. And the beetroot juice gives you that healthy glow. Lightens blemishes and also works on the acne.

Sugar Body Scrub
This is an amazing scrub. Makes your skin oh so so soft! You won't stop touching your skin. The sugar will suck out all the dirt on your skin making it super smooth and the olive oil will restore the moisture. You can use coconut oil if you don't have olive oil. Add in some drops of lemon juice and scrub away your whole body to smooth skin. You can use this after shaving too.

Green Tea Scrub
Green tea is full of antioxidants so don't throw away that tea bag yet. Mix brewed cooled tea leaves with olive oil and sugar for an amazing face scrub. But make sure the sugar is fine granule. You don't want to be harsh with your face, do you?!

Raw Milk and Salt for Glow
I know this sounds weird. It did to me too. I got this suggestion from my best friend's mom. Mothers know everything right? Add some salt in raw milk. You'll need very little milk. Dip a cotton ball and apply it all over your face. Now this going to start feeling stretchy after a while so depending on how comfortable you are, leave it on for about 15 minutes or more.

Cocoa Powder Baking Powder and Milk
No, this is not a brownie recipe. Mix these and apply the paste on your face. Enjoy the heavenly cocoa fragrance while the mask works on your skin. Wash it and say hello to glow.

Tea Tree Toner for Oily Skin
Tea tree oil is a gift for us oily skinned beauties. It works wonders for acne and also controlling the oiliness. Use it as a topical treatment on your pimples and watch your pimples dry away in one night. You can make this DIY toner which works amazingly. Add a few drops of tea tree oil and some aloe gel to rose water to a spray bottle. The aloe gel compensates for the dryness caused by the tea tree oil. And rose water is super refreshing.

Rose Water and Glycerine Toner
Glycerine has multiple benefits for the skin. But above all, it is a wonderful moisturizer. Mix 1/4th of your spray bottle with glycerine and the rest with rose water and use this every day. This is a very hydrating toner and glycerine also helps your makeup stay in place.
Mahima Joshi 


  1. Awesome tips.. I've tried papaya seeds and honey mask.. and it works..

    1. Hey thank you for trying. Please let us know if you try any other tips 😊

  2. Very easy n helpful home remedies for natural glow

    1. Thank you �� let us know if you try any of these

  3. Wow!. These are very handy and easy .thanks for sharing :)

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