Wednesday, May 12, 2021

10 Awesome Ways To Increase Your Productivity

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Get up. Clear your desk. Tie your hair. And just start !

Admit it or not we all have an inner procrastinator and a distracted soul always ready to hamper our productivity. It's impossible to be motivated all the time. Motivation is a luxury even if you love what you do, be it your job or own business. We all need a little help sometimes to kick in motivation in our dull moments. And there's always room for self improvement, right?
Boost your productivity with these practical approaches.

Have An Empowering Morning Routine Get up a little earlier than you usually do (Even 10 mins would make alot of difference). This will give you a little more time to start your day with calm and ease. A chaos free morning will ensure a chaos free productive day. Start your day with exercise to pump up your energy levels. Have a nourishing breakfast and don't forget to get some sunlight. Start your day like a champ!
Addiction To Distraction Don't tell me you don't check your social media the first thing in the morning. We're all addicted, aren't we? And it is the biggest distraction, the biggest flow killer. So put your phone away and focus on your work. Be hard to reach if you want to get things done. Don't check the phone as soon as it beeps. Actually, turn off those notifications. Write down your distractions for later so they don't intervene with your work.
Eat That Frog Don't panic if you haven't heard this before. Eating the frog simply means doing the most productive/difficult and the biggest tasks first. The morning hours are when you have the most focus, the most energy so you will finish these tasks quickly and effectively. And finishing the bigger goals of the day first will give you the confidence and pump to get through your day.
The < 2 Minute Rule If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it right away. Just do it and get done with it. Enough said.
Just Touch It Once (It's not what it sounds like) Ever opened a mail, went through it and closed it without responding to it multiples times throughout the day only to respond "later" ? We're all guilty of this. Just touch it once means handling a task right then and there. Don't set anything to be done later. It clears up your mental clutter. And you don't keep adding to your to-do list.
The 80/20 Rule This means that 20% of your efforts/inputs/ideas generate 80% of the results. This can be applied to any area of work. Let's say time. 80% of the things are done in 20% of time. Focus and determination in that 20% time will ensure you get that 80% of result.
Minimalism Set realistic, practical and minimalist goals that will boost your confidence which in turn will help you work better.
Accountability If you're on your own and do not have to report to anyone. Make an accountable partner to report your progress and to keep a check on your flow. Having an accountable partner will make you want to finish the pending tasks.
Seek help/ Delegate Tasks If you are one of those people who want to do everything on their own, regardless of how much time it takes or whether you are skilled enough for a particular task or not, you might be doing more harm then good. Don't be afraid of asking for help whenever needed and delegate tasks whenever possible.
5 More Count Monotonous tasks can make you want to quit after a while. Before you stop, give yourself a 5 more count (5 more leads/ 5 more minutes). This will push you to do a little more work before you quit. or as in my case, the five more count leads me to gain the momentum to get my task finished!
Hope you have the most productive week ahead. Adiós!
Mahima Joshi

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