Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The best face pack ever (homemade)

I know everybody has heard about it, but I haven’t seen many people actually using this face pack.
I am talking about Besan (gram flour) face pack. The combination that fits best for my oily skin is besan, curd and lemon juice. When I was in my home town, that is Dehradun, I used apply this pack once in every 5 days or something. And I used to get compliments from my friends about how my skin never had break outs, and how good my skin was. Fast forward to one year later, I am in Mumbai have to wear makeup on daily basis. My skin gets a lot of break outs because of wearing makeup all day long on oily skin( I think that should be the reason) and those horrible ,horrible breakout marks. I have become really lazy about using this pack since I have come here. But I have decided today that I am going to be regular with this face pack again and see if it makes any difference with the pimples this time.
It is good for oily skin.
It is totally natural. These ingredients are good for skin in the long run.
Removes tan at least one shade instantly. Don’t forget to use it on your neck, hands, knees and feet every once in a while.
Use besan that is a bit granular, it works great as a scrub.

Lemon juice helps lighten complexion and remove blemishes over time.
Sorry no cons. But if u can’t stand the curdy smell try besan, honey and lemon. There are many other natural combinations  as well.  Keep the lemon juice quantity less as it should be diluted to be applied directly to the face, otherwise it can sting a lot.


  1. Hi just saw your blog, so I should say you Welcome in this blogging world. Good face pack for oily skin but my skin is normal. hey I think I should follow you too.
    you can follow me on my website if you like.

  2. thanks rakshanda... really sweet of you..

  3. hey gal..welcum to bloggin..:)

  4. :) tried the besan, honey n lemon after reading ur post for the first time! thanks for the combo info... the skin gets oily during summers so this might become a habit..

  5. oh wow.. m sure you'll love it, it really gives the skin a healthy glow.

  6. Hey Ginger, it seems there is someone else who is as new as me!! Now regarding this face pack, I had already tried it before reading your blog, and it works well!
    Happy blogging :)

  7. I just used besan and lemon but will try this for sure :D

  8. I totally agree with you..though its very common face pack and everyone is aware of it i hardly see people using it on regular basis and we often go for other face packs available in the market..i too use this not in regular basis but once in a while and i think i should too start using regularly :)


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