Friday, February 4, 2011

My friend Divya’s shopping spree

She bought this cute and sexy red vanity. Please ignore that its components are a little messy, I practically ordered her that I wanted to click pictures right away.
Price: Rs 1250 (after bargaining)

VOV Eye shadow palette
Price: Rs 1250

VOV Blusher palette
Price: Rs 1250 again.

She also bought a small Derma camouflage which is used as a concealer, a big bottle of Johnson’s Baby oil for removing makeup and some makeup brushes. Yeah…. divya. You go girl!!


  1. Wowww love the palettes!!! The vanity bag is so pretty!!
    Hey plz post the swatches if you can:)

  2. The Vanity box is so pretty & your fren got it a reasonable price :-)

  3. VOV palettes look amazing.. are these available in India or have been ordered online?

  4. love the vov eye platte colors looks very pigmented very nice blog girl
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  5. love the eyeshadow palette..all the colours are wow...

  6. my friend got this vanity too, but in black really handy. I will definately get one for my ever-growing collection of makeup :)

  7. loved the blush palette :) gorgeous colors..

  8. Wow... VOV eyeshadow palette looks classy